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Level bank - Version 1.0

posted on 2012-01-10 15:03:04
by maet

Tags: css dods


Settigns File [b][i]addons/evenscripts/levelbank/[/i][/b] Lines 45-54 [b]dbType - [/b]type of batabase 1 - MySQL 2- SQLite [i][b]defaultlevel [/b][/i]- amount of levels, that will be added to new user in levelbank [i][b]levelprice [/b][/i]- price of 1 level when player buy it [i][b]levelcost [/b][/i]- cost of 1 level for sell [b][i]buylevels [/i][/b]- enable(1)/disable(0) buy levels feature [b][i]selllevels [/i][/b]- enable(1)/disable(0) sell levels feature ---------------------Settings for MySQL--------------------- [i][b]mysql_host [/b][/i]- MySQL host [i][b]mysql_user [/b][/i]- MySQL user [i][b]mysql_pass [/b][/i]- MySQL password [i][b]mysql_dbname [/b][/i]- MySQL database name ------------------------------------------------------------------ Commands: [i][b]lb, levelbank[/b][/i] - open levelbank's menu [i][b]lbadmin[/b][/i] - open admin menu of levelbank Commands are available from chat or console Add admins. File [b][i]addons/evenscripts/levelbank/ini/admins.ini[/i][/b] [code] [STEAM_X:X:XXX] addlevels = 1 addlevelall = 1 takelevels = 1 banusers = 1 unbanusers = 1 deletedatabase = 1[/code] [i][b]addlevels [/b][/i]- add levels to players [i][b]addlevelall [/b][/i]- add levels to all players [i][b]takelevels [/b][/i]- take levels from players [i][b]banusers[/b][/i] - ban players [i][b]unbanusers [/b][/i]- unban players [i][b]deletedatabase [/b][/i]- clear table in database This addon have multilanguage feature. You can translate this addon in file [b][i]addons/evenscripts/levelbank/ini/strings.ini[/i][/b]


1. Download archive and unzip it in [i][b]cstrike [/b][/i]folder 2. Add line[b][i] es_load levelbank[/i][/b] in your autoexec.cfg

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