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CS:S Left4Dead ScreenShot

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CS:S Left4Dead - Version Under Construction!

posted on 2009-03-07 09:13:20
Led by caniboy
Collaborators: iSebastian


Only four human Survivors remain to fight the battle against the Zombie forces.As a Zombie, you can choose between three professions, which has strong and weak properties, however the Zombies are not allowed to use any weapons except the knife, where the human Survivors focus on strong equipment and weapons, instead of physical advantages. [b]Tank[/b] [list]• Shakes the nearby Survivors screen when walking. • Is the strongest.[/list] [b]Hunter[/b] [list]• Has the ability to jump a far distance. • Is the weakest.[/list] [b]Smoker[/b] [list]• Freezes an enemy when he slash them. • Is very strong.[/list] [b]Comfortable with:[/b] [img] icons/css.png[/img] Counter-Strike: Source


Please, read the readme.txt file. 1. Download and install Matties' EventScripts 1.5 or higher: 2. Download this script 3. Extract the folder 4. Overwrite your old cstrike folder with the new one 5. Add [b]es_load l4d[/b] in your autocexec.cfg [i].\cstrike\cfg\autocexec.cfg[/i] 6. Restart your server

Version Notes For Under Construction!

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