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Knifemod - Version 2.0

posted on 2009-05-02 12:11:01
by Owned|Myself


Basically this Addon will make the regular CS:S Knife much more powerful, or weak [Untested!] dependant on your configuration. Currently the Configuration Supports only a few things. [code] // ********Knifemod V2.0************* // *******By Owned|Myself************ // The amount of damage wanted to damage with: knifemod_damage 5000 // The amount of time in seconds that a person should be enhanced for: knifemod_time 5.0 // Unloads Knifemod at each map start if equal to 1: knifemod_autoswitchoff 0 // Executes the CFG file at each round start to register changes if equal to 1: knifemod_config_execute 0 // Makes the player Invisible when he hurts an enemy with the knife: knifemod_invisibility 1 [/code] I will probably add more in the future :D NOTE: When a player is hurt with a knife, while this is enabled, the [color=green]ATTACKER[/color] will be given twice the normal speed for "knifemod_time" This is a Fun Mod, it is not made for serious gameplay! It works very well with ZombieMod, but obviously Rules will have to be made to ensure fair gameplay (TESTED).


Install in: addons/eventscripts/knifemod Edit the CFG to your liking!

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2009-05-02 12:29:08 EST by Owned|Myself (View Zip Contents)
Converted ESS version to Python. ESS version never released.

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