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BackRaw's KnifeDuel - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-12-26 10:54:05
by BackRaw


This addon is similar to scripts called "KnifeFight" or "KnifeP3N" or something. It checks whether there is a 1on1-Fight left, then:[list][*]removes all weapons (on the floor [b]and[/b] on players' hands) [*]choose player 1 and player 2 (only necessary for the code itself, I guess) [*]strip both players off their weapons [*]give both a knife [*]place player 2 (a little bith higher) there where player 1 was one second before (with telling that player 2) [*]start the count-down [*]if the count-down ran down and nobody won yet, nothing happens and the game restarts (it saves every players' cash before restarting) [*]other than that it announces the winner and gives them a scout (if configured)[/list] The config-file:[code]// **************************************** // * KnifeDuel by BackRaw - Configuration * // **************************************** // How many seconds does it take to strip the players off their weapons and give them a knife? (0 = immediately) knifeduel_delay 1 // Give the winner a free scout at next spawn? (1/0) knifeduel_scout 1 // How many seconds does a KnifeDuel take? knifeduel_time 60 // **************************************** // * KnifeDuel by BackRaw - Configuration * // ****************************************[/code]


1. Extract the Zip-file to ./cstrike 2. Add es_load knifeduel to your autoexec.cfg file 3. Change the map

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