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Knife Boost - Version 2.0.1

posted on 2009-05-25 09:36:31
by maniek23

Tags: css fight knife


Script dedicated for ka_ maps, (especially ka_ring), every time you kill enemy with knife you get full HP. It makes knife fight more justice. Every time you win fight, you get back 100% HP, so you are ready to fight with next oponnent. Options may be configured in [b]knife_boost.cfg[/b] (cstrike/addons/eventscripts/knife_boost.cfg) [b]Features:[/b] [list][*]Gain HP after killing someone with knife (see config) [*]Set all players health to specified value at round start (see config) [*]Select maps (or maps prefixes), where Knife Boost is enabled (of course knife_boost must be loaded before) (see config) [*]Anti teamkill-boost [*]Script may be dynamically enabled/disabled by server var [b]kb_enabled[/b] (set [b]1[/b] to enable, set [b]0[/b] to disable)[/list] If you like it don't forget to [color=blue][b]+w00t[/b][/color]


Simply unpack archive to [u]cstrike/[/u] dir and add [code]es_load knife_boost[/code] to your [u][color=blue]autoexec.cfg[/color][/u]

Version Notes For 2.0.1

Updated on: 2009-05-26 07:55:44 EST by maniek23 (View Zip Contents)
- bugfix

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