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Kibbles'n'Gibs - Version 1.0

posted on 2011-01-19 23:11:01
by Beefaloaf


A simple gib mod. Causes player to gib apart when killed by C4 Explosion, or heGrenades that exceeds whatever damage is set in kibbles.cfg. Default is 75hp. Just for a reference, when I stand on top of a live grenade, it takes me down to 18hp. That's 82 damage. So you'd need to damage someone below 82HP, then throw a grenade RIGHT under their feet, in order to kibble them. If you want to see kibblings more often, lower the kill damage in the cfg. Setting it to 1 ensures all grenade kills end with a kibble. My custom gib models included. If anyone wants to create a new set of 5 or less parts, let me know and I may include them in the download, credit to you of course! Please let me know of any issues or needed tweaks! I'm aware the ragdoll doesn't get removed instantly. Delaying this seems to add stability to Linux servers. It could be tweaked lower, but it's risky! [b]Many thanks to 101satoon101, GODJonez, L'In20Cible, & Absolute for helping me with Linux issues. HUGE thanks also to Artemus for letting me test this on his Linux server![/b]


Unzip into appropriate folders. Run 'es_load kibbles' or add it to your server.cfg On first load, the server needs to change maps right away. Otherwise models/textures/sounds will not auto download to clients. Lots of errors will be seen if someone gets kibbled!

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2012-11-27 20:02:53 EST by Beefaloaf (View Zip Contents)
Awesomely stable on Linux

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