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Karaoke - Version 0.16

posted on 2009-01-26 22:43:50
by goose_is_king


EVENT SCRIPTS 2.0 ONLY!!! CONTACT: email: steam: twitter: @mgerow Hello, my name is Mike, but you can call me goose. Please send any questions or comments to Using the karaoke mod is relatively easy... THE SHORT OF IT Quick start to play a song. This mod automagically comes with the song "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton. To play this song, simply rcon the command "karaoke codemonkey" to the server. You hear music now, right? And you see text at the bottom of the screen, correct? If you don't, please send an email to or message this dude's steam account at will ya? If you feel like it, you can list all the songs available by rconing "karaoke !list". Anyway, that's the short of how to get it actually working. Once Coulton's singing starts to get old, though, you may want to read the next section. Yes, I know you don't like having to think, but you need to expand your horizons man! THE LONG OF IT Let's start by getting the organization structure out of the way. Inside of addons/eventscripts/karaoke/ you will find a file named "codemonkey.txt". This is a very special file. Upon further examination you should notice that this special file contains all the lyrics to the hit song "Code Monkey" Jonathan Coulton. "Funny," you might say, "this is that same song that I played when I first set up the karaoke mod" and this is no coincidence. The structure is as follows: The first line is the name of the mp3 file for the song. We'll get into where to place that later. Next, you will state the length of the song in a minute:second format. For example, 4:07. After that you will put the artist's name and the title of the song like this: "Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey" There, that wasn't so hard! Now, list each line of lyrics with their time and content like this: 1:13=Much rather wake up, eat a coffee cake. Nice, huh? I should note here that you should make sure not to make a lyric TOO long. I mean, you have a decent amount of space to work with, but you should know that the amount of space you have depends upon the size of the client's monitor you are delivering it too, so please, think of the 1024x768ers out there. I should also note that you can add as many whitespace lines as your heart desires in this file. They will all be ignored like that weird girl with the messed hair you remember at your middle school dance: forgotten to never be brought up again. The fate will be similar to any line beginning with a "#". Think of them as personal references to things that don't really matter. Alright, so you know how to make a lyric file. It's time to finish your masterpiece by saving the file. Name it something simple with no spaces. For example, if you wanted to make a file for Britney Spears's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" you might want to go with a snappy name like onemoretime.txt. Ok, you have a lyric file, but what to do with it? Well, that's simple, place it in /addons/eventscripts/karaoke/ of course! Now, I'm not a great programmer, so you're going to have to tell me what mp3 files to look for upon startup. Yes, yes, I know it's a hassle, but you'll have to add onemoretime.mp3 to the end of mp3list.txt. While you're there, you can delete that awful song endoftheworld.mp3 to keep your server's precious denisons from having to download that whole file. You never liked that song anyway, right? Of course you didn't. Now, we're almost ready to boot that server up, run a song, and hear the screaming, crackling, and soda deteriated voices of gaming geeks from around the world. The only thing we need to do now is add the mp3 file you selected to the server. The file goes into /sound/karaoke/ and should be named the exact same as your lyric file, except with the ".txt" being a ".mp3". Now, start your server up, and rcon "karaoke yoursongname". If you followed these instructions correctly you should be hearing the greatest song in the world accompanied by the showing of the greatest lyrics in the world. If neither of these things happen check the console for some help. If it's simple, a useful error message should follow. If it's more complicated, it may simply say "Somthing bad happened... you should fix this". In which case you should review these guidelines and fix whatever you messed up on, that or complain to me with a knee-jerk reaction. Either way is actually cool by me. That is all! I think. I could have possibly missed something. In that case, you can email me at to complain to my inbox. If yelling at me more directly please hesitate to message me on steam via . Also, you can twitter me at @mgerow. I think that's it... Alright then, bring on the hate!


Read the included readme for info on how to install/create your own lyric files.

Version Notes For 0.16

Updated on: 2009-05-12 22:08:11 EST by goose_is_king (View Zip Contents)
A fix that involved the way Linux handles newlines.

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