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JumpStats - Version 2.0

posted on 2008-01-26 08:47:54
by freddukes



[size=18][color=blue][b]JumpStats v1.0[/b][/color][/size] Posted by [color=green]Freddukes[/color] on [color=purple]2008-01-26 13:57[/color]. [size=18][color=blue][b]Description:[/b] [/color] [/size][list][color=blue][size=24][b]JumpStats[/b][/size][/color] by freddukes [b]Ever wanted to record your longest Jumps?[/b] Now you can... With 1 very easy to edit script, you can compete your best jumps against other users to get into the top10 list of the furthest jumps. [size=14][b]Why use JumpStats?[/b][/size] Well this prevents people from tricking the script into allowing bunny hop jumps, so it's down to the users skill to jump as far as he can. Also, height is irrelevant, as it only records the length of the jump, and any height advantages are disabled, so that everyone must get the furthest jump along flat ground. [size=14][b]Use this to see who can get into the top10 jump list.[/b][/size] Many people who enjoy XC maps like to compete who can get to the final point the quickest. But what should you do when you reach the end of an XC map? Well this is the answer, compete to see who can jump the furthest, without using bunny hopping techniques or height advantages :). ------------------------------- [color=blue][b]HOW TO USE IT[/b][/color] ------------------------------- Well all you need to do, is open with any text editing program such as Notepad, and edit 6 variables. [code] effects = 1 # Requires ESTools!!! # Shows a line of the jump path # 1 = On # 0 = Off effect_timer = 4 # Amount of seconds the effect stays for before it disapears effects_layers = 3 # Amount of layers of tracking beams. # Maximum layers is 3 # Each layer is random colours each jump # Each layer path is directly above the other # In my opinion 3 looks the nicest message_every_jump = 0 # Send a message to the user telling him the distance of every jump? # 1 = on # 2 = off message_over_distance = 150 # If message_every_jump is set to 0, then set this to over a certain amount # To send a message to the user when he gets over a certain amount of game units... # 150 + is above average jump. + 200 is a fairly good jump. max_distance = 250 # The maximum a player is allowed to have his jump recoreded. # If the jump is bigger than this, most likely either settings are wrong, # Or he is cheating the checks in some way or another either with speed # Hacks or some other means. 250 is a Very good normal jump, I think # It's impossible to reach. 200 is a good jump; 150 is about an average jump. [/code] Ingame you can type "/ljstats" to view the top10 list. This mod also displays your jumpdistance in both Units and Meters. [/list] [size=18][color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color][/size][list][b]EventScripts: 2.0.244 or higher.[/b] [/list] [size=18][color=blue][b]Installation:[/b] [/color][/size][list][b]Extract to the ./cstrike folder Edit the text files Add "es_load jumpstats" to autoexec.cfg without the speech marks. Restart server[/b][/list] [color=blue][size=18][b]Version Notes:[/b][/size][/color] [list] [*]1.0 Released to public[/list] [/size]

Version Notes For 2.0

Updated on: 2008-01-26 18:04:40 EST by freddukes (View Zip Contents)
2.0 - Changed /ljstats to /ljtop10 as it made more sence Changed the effects and added more options Added /ljrank and /ljrank to see another person rank Changed the popup to also display your current rank out of the total players Added a command to turn the popups off /ljpopup

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