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jailmute - Version beta 0.4

posted on 2009-12-25 18:34:38
by falcone


This scripts mutes player when they die and unmute them when they spawn, Terrorists gets a delay before they get unmuted so the counterterrorist can give orders (delay time in config), also an admin imuum is build in The scripts need [B] Mani admin plugin or Sourcemod [/B] you need to change in config file if you use mani or sourcemod because my server is offline i couldn't test so that's why the beta version for mani-admin-plugin Version 1.2T only the mute will last 15 minutes or when unmuted by spawn if a round takes longer then 15 minutes the script start doing wierd, I can't help this because in the new version mani doesn't support an unmute command anymore( older version of mani does and sourcemod also does)


extract to cstrike folder Change the config file to you're needs (admin imuum, mani or sourcemod , delay time) put es_load jailmute in autoexec or type rcon es_load jailmute in console ingame (rcon password required for that) Sourcemod : To reduce spam you could use the command sm_show_activity 0 in autoexec or server.cfg mani admin: To reduce spam you could use the command mani_mute_con_command_spam 0 in autoexec or server.cfg

Version Notes For beta 0.4

Updated on: 2009-12-26 06:26:38 EST by falcone (View Zip Contents)
fixed something in code for 1.2T support

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