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IronWall - Version 0.1

posted on 2009-01-18 11:21:29
by carbon-14


[size=24]IronWall[/size] [b]Carbon-14[/b] [b][img][/img]This is a beta - Use at your own risk - Any feedback will be welcomed[img][/img][/b] [b]About:[/b] IronWall is a complete security package to help secure your server against hackers and exploiters. It has many rich features, including update-notifications and server variable protection. [b]Features:[/b] [list] [*][b]Un-Unloadable[/b] - A RCON hacker cannot simply unload IronWall and then change the rcon password [*][b]Server variable protection[/b] - IronWall will block any attempts to change server variables (Like rcon_password or sv_cheats) that you specify [*][b]Client-command blocking[/b] - IronWall will over-write specified client commands to block them from working [*][b]Client-variable forcing[/b] - IronWall will enforce a set of variables that you choose on all clients - i.e you can force everyone to have sv_cheats to 0, to stop hackers, and if they have it set to anything else they get kicked [*][b]Update-notifications[/b] - In order to stay updated with the latest exploit protection IronWall checks for an update whenever it starts and notifies you if there is one available [*][b]Player logging[/b] - Rcon hackers are hard to catch. This is why IronWall logs all the steamId's on the server at the time of the attempted hack, and comming soon will be an online tool that you can upload your steamid logs to and it will output a list of suspected steamids (Ones who were on the server during most of the attempted hacks). [*][b]Easy to customize[/b] - All variables to watch, all commands to hook and all client variables to force are stored in easy-to-use .txt files [/list]


[b]Follow these instructions TO THE LETTER[/b] -Extract the .zip file to your ./cstrike/ directory. -Add 'es_load ironwall' to your autoexec.cfg -Open up ./cstrike/addons/eventscripts/ironwall/settings -Open cvars.txt -Add your rcon_password to the 'rcon_password' line. The line sould look like "rcon_password '[your password]'". You can leave it blank, and it will disable rcon completely. -Open client_cvars.txt -Add/change any cvars you want to force clients to match. -Open banned_commands.txt -Add any commands that you would like clients not to be able to use. Don't add any ES commands or Mani commands. This is not 100% sure to work, so dont be upset if the commands are not blocked -Open settings.ini -[b]log_details (1/0)[/b] tells the script to log details when a watched variable is changed - like the playercount and map. -[b]check updates (1/0)[/b] tells the script to check for new updates when it loads -[b]log players (1/0)[/b] tells the script to log the player steamids on the server when a watched variable is changed -[b]limit (number)[/b] is for flood control. Hackers might lag your server by trying to change lots of watched variables quickly, so if [limit] number of attempts are made in [time] seconds it lowers the CPU cost of changing the variable back (Does not write the player steamids etc) -[b]time (number)[/b] is for flood control. Every [time] seconds the internal flood counter will be reset. Leave it as it is. -[b]Password (string)[/b] is reserved for future updates ;)

Version Notes For 0.1

Updated on: 2009-01-19 11:12:57 EST by carbon-14 (View Zip Contents)
Bugfix release.

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