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Ich Checkpoints - Version 3.1

posted on 2006-08-19 04:58:38
by ichthys


[size=18][color=red][b]Ich Checkpoints v3.1 / 3.1 LAN[/b][/color][/size] requires GodJonez's popup script to use the menu Popup is now included with eventscripts[/url] Version 3.1 requires the latest public beta of eventscripts for the hidden say commands. [url=]Link[/url] [color=red][b]Player Commands:[/b][/color][list][b]!cp[/b] - Opens checkpoint menu system [b]!save[/b] - Saves a checkpoint at a players current location [b]!back[/b] - Goes back one checkpoint [b]!forward|!fwd[/b] - Goes forward one checkpoint [b]!clear[/b] - Clears a players checkpoints [b]!ghost[/b] - Makes a player partially invisible and go through other players [b]!unghost[/b] - Reverts a player back to normal [color=green][i]Note: Ghost commands are enabled by the cvar cp_enableghostcommands[/i][/color][/list] [color=red][b]Install:[/b][/color][list][*]To load - es_load ich_checkpoints [*]To load each time your server starts add the line [b][i]es_load ich_checkpoints[/i] es_load popup[/b] to your [color=green][b]autoexec.cfg[/b][/color][/list] [color=red][b]Settings:[/b][/color][syntax="es"]cp_allowmenu 1 //If set to 1-players can use !cp to open the checkpoint menu popup (thx GodJones for the popup script) cp_allowghostcommands 1 //If set to 1 players can use !ghost and !unghost to enable or disable ghost individually cp_forceunghost 1 // If set to 1 players will be unghosted when they spawn and the script is unloaded cp_ghosts 1 //If set to 1 script will make players appear like ghosts and pass through each other cp_alpha 100 //This is the alpha level of players if cp_ghost is set to 1 (0 = completely invisible, 255 = completely visible) cp_removeweapons 1 //If set to 1 script will remove weapons from players (players will keep their knife) cp_sethealth 99999 //Set players health to this. '0' -disables cp_limit 20 // number of server_var(cp_keygroup) players can have cp_savecheckpoints 1 // 1-Save checkpoints for each map. Checkpoints are not deleted when players leave the game // 0-Dont save and delete players checkpoints whenever they leave and join the server ////////////////// //Map Settings// ////////////////// //map types to enable cp_checkpoint mod es_keycreate cp_maptypes kz es_keycreate cp_maptypes de //example: es_keycreate cp_maptypes surf //maps to force on es_keycreate cp_force_on blizzard2 es_keycreate cp_force_on scoutzknivez //example: es_keycreate cp_force_on de_lahlah //maps to force off es_keycreate cp_force_off surf_egypt //example: es_keycreate cp_force_off surf_dontcheckpoint[/syntax]

Version Notes For 3.1

Updated on: 2007-12-05 17:08:02 EST by ichthys
Added xc to default enable map type Fixed a small bug that would spew spam when script not enabled

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