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HurtMods - Version 1.0

posted on 2009-09-09 06:05:07
by DanielB


HurtMods is designed to easily modify weapons damage. Weapon damage can be multiplied globally or per-weapon by a multiplier (eg, 2 will do double damage, 0.5 will do half damage, 0 will do no damage, etc) It will also allow you to block certain hitgroups. Requires SPE Examples: HeadShot only [syntax="es"] // HitGroups to disable, seperated by a ; (see Set to 0 to disable hm_blocked_hitgroups "2;3;4;5;6;7" [/syntax] No-Damage Snipers [syntax="es"] // Enable Damage Mods? (0=No,1=perweapon,2=global) hm_enable_damagemods "1" // Multiplier for the scout hm_wepmod_scout "0.0" // Multiplier for the awp hm_wepmod_awp "0.0" // Multiplier for the sg550 hm_wepmod_sg550 "0.0" // Multiplier for the g3sg1 hm_wepmod_g3sg1 "0.0" // Multiplier for the aug hm_wepmod_aug "0.0" // Multiplier for the sg522 hm_wepmod_sg522 "0.0" [/syntax] Double-Damage [syntax="es"] // Enable Damage Mods? (0=No,1=perweapon,2=global) hm_enable_damagemods "2" // If using hm_enable_damagemods 2, the damage multiplier hm_damagemods_global "2" [/syntax]


extract to cstrike, add es_load hurtmods to autoexec, restart server

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2009-09-09 06:05:07 EST by DanielB (View Zip Contents)
Initial release

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