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HeadShot Trigger - Version 1.2

posted on 2008-07-30 20:41:41
by Cisco


I ran into issues running the new SourceMod/HLStatX combo so I could give a points reward for headshots. I began thinking "why can't I just make a simple trigger in Eventscripts?". Turned out, I can. :) This will be my first addon submission. See headshot point rewards in action at [url=][img][/img][/url]


1) Place the zip file in your cstrike directory. 2) Unzip. 3) Add to your autoexec.cfg: es_load hs_trigger I leave the admin functions of your HLStatsX installation to you. I will tell you that if your installation does not have it already, you simply edit your player actions to include a new action called "headshot", occurring as a single player action, then assign a point value and a chat display name.

Version Notes For 1.2

Updated on: 2008-08-09 23:55:11 EST by Cisco (View Zip Contents)
Fixed a typo.

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