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High Ping Kicker - Version 0.1

posted on 2007-10-24 12:47:15
by Rio

Tags: css es hpk


[size=24][b]HPK v0.1[/b][/size] [size=18][b]Description:[/b][/size] High Ping Kicker [size=18][b]Requirements:[/b][/size] * Mattie Eventscripts (2.0) [size=18][b]Installation:[/b][/size] * Upload and unpack the scripts in your cstrike folder. * Edit the config settings in addons/eventscripts/hpk/ * Add this to your autoexec.cfg [syntax="es"]es_load hpk[/syntax] * Restart your server. [size=18][b]Config:[/b][/size] [syntax="es"] // Max ping hpk_max_ping -1 // Check every x seconds hpk_check_freq 10 // Max checks before a player gets kicked hpk_max_check 5 // Warn the player if his ping is too high hpk_warn_player 1 // Public Message to announce if someone gets kicked because of high ping hpk_publicmsg 1 // Admin SteamIDs for Admin Immunity hpk_admins "STEAM_0:1:24335;"[/syntax] [b]0.1[/b] first release enjoy it!

Version Notes For 0.1

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first release

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