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hosties - Version who cares

posted on 2008-08-28 16:33:19
by bonbon


[size=180][color=blue][b]Hosties 3.3.6[/b][/color][/size] Posted by:[color=green] Bonbon[/color] on [color=purple]2008-08-28 16:33:19[/color]. [size=180][color=blue][b]Requirements:[/b][/color][/size][list][b] [*][url=]EventScripts 2.0 or higher[/url] [*][color=red][size=160]Beacon requires any of the following to be installed[/size][/color][list] [*][url=]ES_Tools .420[/url] [*][url=]Mani Admin Plugin[/url] [*]Source Mod[/list] [*][color=red][size=160]Mute requires any of the following to be installed[/size][/color][list] [*][url=]Native Tools[/url] [*][url=]Mani Admin Plugin[/url] [*]Source Mod[/list][/b][/list] [size=180][color=blue][b]Description:[/b] [/color] [/size][list]This addon is made for hosties servers, it helps a lot to manage your servers, and reduces the need for admins 24/7! features include [*]Last Requests [list][*][b]New:[/b] There may now be multiple last requests at the same time [*]Chicken Fight - Player must jump on other players head [*]Knife fight - we all know what it is [*]Deagle Toss - player has to try to toss a deagle farther than the other player [*]Shot For Shot - Self Explanatory [*]Race - Self Explanatory [*]Western Shootout - Players take 10 paces and shoot [*]Hot Potatoe - Players are confined to a space, and the object of the game is to not be the last one with the gun! [*]No Scope - Players have a no-scope awp battle! [*]Russian Roulette - [*]Jump Comp - Who can jump the farthest [*]Dodge Ball - Players are given flashbangs, and try to kill each other with them [*]Red Light Green Light - [*]Sound when LR available [*]Make CTs accept/decline LR if rebel wants to LR with them [*]LRs can be loaded/unloaded in game via console using hostie_load, hosties_unload or hosties_reload [*]Option to disable any Last Request [*]Variable to specify how little T's there must be for last request[/list] [*]Warning Weapon, allowes CTs to give warning shots to Ts [*]Mute dead players [*]Announce when a rebel is killed [*]Announce when a player becomes a rebel [*]Restrict weapons [*]Stop cts from lining up T's and killing them [*]Maximum amount of non rebel kills per round (for CTs) [*]T starting weapons [*]CT starting weapons [*]Team Balancer [*]Punishments for too many non rebel kills are[list][*]Take hp [*]Kick [*]Slay [*]Strip Weapons[/list] [*]Option to allow a T to kill a CT if he/she jumps on the T's head [*]Control[list][*]With or without simon says [*]Last Reaction - The last person that does the order will be turned into a rebel [*]First Reaction - The first person that does the order will be turned into a rebel [*]Allows you to control non rebelling terrorists and they have x amount of seconds to complete the task [*]Jump [*]Rotate 180 degrees [*]Crouch [*]Crouch Jump [*]Completed players will turn a certain color, and people who don't complete will turn into rebels (Only with simon says) [*]Oral, and visual commands (A sound will be played telling the command, and it will appear in chat)[/list] [*]Vote Team Ban[list][*]Players can type !voteteamban to vote to teamban a player. [*]Works like mani's voteban feature [*]Optional immune players [*]If players rejoin, they will still have their ban count against them[/list] [*]Anti Gun Plant[list][*]When a CT drops a weapon, and a T picks it up, the t will be told who the weapon was last owned by [*]Players can type !lastowner to find out who gave guns to people[/list] [*]Multiple languages (Need more, please PM!)[list][*]English [*]French (Incomplete) [*]German (Incomplete) [*]Danish [*]Russian[/list] [*]Language Credits[list] [*]Russian - bill_876 [*]Danish - Tyjuji[/list] [*]Admin Menu[list][*]Ban players from team [*]Stop LR [*]Make Rebel [*]Spawn Player to Last Location [*]Remove Ban (UI for removing bans) [*]Toggle Last Requests (Load/unload LRs in game) [*]Toggle Mods (Load/unload custom hosties mods in game) [*]Commands include[list][*]!hostiesadmin [*]!makerebel userid/name/steamid [*]!banteam userid/name/steamid T/CT minutes reason [*]!stoplr [*]!teamtime[/list][/list] [*]Player Commands include (But not limited to)[list][*]!lr - initiate a last request [*]!rules - Show the rules menu [*]!checkplayers - See who's a rebel [*]!commands - See available commands [*]!hosties - See the main hosties menu [*]!control - Become a controler [*]!checkguns - See who has guns [*]!wspoints, !setpoints - To do with western shootout [*]!teamtime - See how much time you have left banned from a team[/list] [*]There are a few features not listed here, that I can not think of off the top of my head [*]For a complete list of config options, see below[/list] [syntax="es"]// For the unrestricted weapons, you can do this // #weapontype // Weapon types are // pistols,shotguns,smgs,rifles,snipers,machineguns // You can declude an item from a catagory too so you could do // hosties_unrestricted_ct_weapons m249,#rifles!m4a1 // That would unrestrict the m249, all rifles, minus the m4a1 // You can unrestrict multiple weapons, too // hosties_unrestricted_ct_weapons m249,#rifles!m4a1&ak47;,p228 // That would unrestrict the m249, p228, all rifles minus m4a1, and ak47 // Unrestricted CT weapons hosties_unrestricted_ct_weapons m4a1,usp,deagle,famas,aug,tmp,knife,vesthelm,vest,nvgs // Unrestricted T weapons, ones that they can pick up. Not buy hosties_unrestricted_t_weapons m4a1,deagle,famas,aug,tmp,knife,vesthelm,vest,nvgs // Weapons given to t's on start hosties_t_start_weapons deagle,knife // Weapons given to ct's on start hosties_ct_start_weapons deagle,m4a1 // Whether or not T's can kill CT's for jumping on their heads hosties_allow_to_kill_for_jumping_on_head 1 // Whether or not to strip players weapons on round end hosties_strip_weapons_on_round_end 1 // Add all hosties rules/descriptions of how to play here! hosties_rule CTs can only kill rebelling Ts hosties_rule CTs must give Ts a warning before killing hosties_rule CTs can't give Ts guns and then kill them hosties_rule Ts can kill CTs for jumping on their heads hosties_rule When there's only 2 Ts left, Ts can have a LR hosties_rule Ts can type !lr to get their last request hosties_rule CTs cannot hurt Ts without warning hosties_rule CTs can't ask Ts to do something that will kill them // Announce when a CT hurts a T, valid options are tell = just tell the hurt player, msg = tell the whole server, 0 = tell no one hosties_announce_ct_hurt_t 0 // Whether or not to show the rules menu to a player when he/she joins hosties_show_rules_on_join 1 // Whether or not to end the round at 0:00 since some maps don't do it automatically hosties_end_round_at_round_end_time 1 // After how many rounds the teams are swapped, 0 is disabled hosties_round_swap_teams 0 // Commands which players can use hosties_commands !lr,!rules,!checkplayers,!commands,!hosties,!control,!checkguns,!wspoint,!setpoints,!teamtime,!hostiesadmin // Enable/Disable noblock. Noblock will be turned off for last request hosties_enable_noblock 0 // The server's menu language hosties_menu_lang en // Whether or not it will be announced when someone gets attacked with a gun hosties_announce_attacked_with_gun 1 // The T to CT ratio // 0 is disabled // 1:2 would mean 1 t for every 2 cts hosties_t_to_ct_ratio 0 // How long people will be noblocked at round start // 0 is disabled hosties_noblock_on_round_start 0 // How many more CTs than Ts there can be hosties_max_more_cts 3 // Enable admin commands hosties_admin_commands !hostiesadmin,!banteam,!makerebel,!stoplr // Mute dead people // If you have SM, it will only mute their mic // If you have mani, it will mute their mic, and text // If you do not have, or do not want to use either of those, you may also download NativeTools // Native Tools -- // If using mani, I recommend having mani_mute_con_command_spam 0 in your autoexec.cfg // I do not know how to prevent SM from showing muted players // If you have mani admin, I recommend having mani_mute_con_command_spam 1 in your server.cfg, to remove all chat spam from mute hosties_mute_dead 1 // Admins that may use the !hostiesadmin and other admin commands // Split steamids with a comma // If you want all mani admins to have admin rights, add mani_admins to there // Any user with hosties_admin auth can use this // Steamids must be in quotes! hosties_admins "STEAM_0:0:11089864" //-----Punishments-----// // The punishment for killing too many innocent hosties per round // Options are // stripweapons // takehp<hp> // slay // kick // maket<rounds> // ban<time> // The format of the command is hosties_addpunishment <kill amount> <punishment> hosties_addpunishment 2 takehp15 hosties_addpunishment 3 stripweapons hosties_addpunishment 4 maket5 // How many innocent T's a player can kill before punished (in 1.5 seconds, like a CT lines up T\'s then kills them, same options as too many non rebel killed hosties_max_innocent_kills_per_3_seconds 3 // Punishement, same as too many non rebels killed hosties_too_high_kps_punishment kick //-----Rebels-----// // Whether or not to announce when a rebel is killed hosties_announce_rebel_killed 1 // Whether or not to announce when a player is rebelling hosties_announce_turn_into_rebel 1 // The RBG color that rebels are turned into, 255,255,255,255 is default hosties_rebel_color 255,0,0,255 // Whether or not T's become rebel when they hurt a CT // If it's 0, they'll become rebels when they kill a CT while not on LR hosties_rebel_on_hurt 0 //-----Custom Mods-----// // Load custom mods here // Mods can be loaded and unloaded any time during game by typing in server console // hosties_loadmod <mod> // hosties_unloadmod <mod> // hosties_reloadmod <mod> hosties_loadmod control hosties_loadmod gunplant // hosties_loadmod voteteamban // How long a T has to obey a command given via menu by a controller hosties_control_command_time 5 // The color of the controller hosties_controller_color 255,128,0,255 // The color a player will turn when they complete a simon says task hosties_simon_says_completed_color 255,0,255,255 // Whether or not to have simon says option on the control menu hosties_control_allow_simon 1 // Whether or not to allow last reaction/first reaction hosties_control_allow_lastreaction 1 // The minimum votes neede to teamban a person hosties_voteteamban_minimum_votes 3 // The time (in minutes) the player will be banned rom the CT team hosties_voteteamban_ban_time 60 // For every <x> players on the server, the total votes needd is <players> * hosties_voteteamban_vote_ratio // IE, if the ratio is 0.5 and there is 20 players on the server, it will require 10 votes to teamban the player. hosties_voteteamban_vote_ratio 0.5 // The file path (after ./cstrike/) in which hosties will find every steamid, and add them to the list of players that can't be voteteambanned // If you want to disable this, have it as 0 // You can have any file that has steamids in it, after ./cstrike/ // For example, cfg/mani_admin_plugin/clients.txt will find all steamids in clients.txt and make them voteteamban immune hosties_voteteamban_immune_file addons/eventscripts/hosties/data/immune.txt // Whether or not to show a hudhint to Ts when they pick up a weapon, who the last CT owner was hosties_gunplant_show_last_owner 1 //-----Last Requests-----// // Load last requests here // Last requests can be unloaded with hosties_unload and reloaded with hosties_reload // By default, not all last requests are loaded // To load included last requests, take away the two slashes before the hosties_load line hosties_load shotforshot hosties_load race hosties_load chickenfight hosties_load westernshootout hosties_load knifefight hosties_load guntoss hosties_load russianroulette // hosties_load noscope // hosties_load hotpotatoe // hosties_load jumpcomp // hosties_load dodgeball // hosties_load redlightgreenlight // Whether or not to make T's red and Ct's blue during lr hosties_change_lr_colors 0 // Whether or not a CT has to accept an LR with a rebel. If the T isn't a rebel, the accept LR menu won't be shown hosties_make_ct_accept_lr_with_rebel 1 // Whether or not to beacon on last request hosties_beacon_on_lr 1 // Whether or not to teleport the T and the CT during Last request to a designated map area after three seconds after initiation. // If 1, and it's either gun toss, or s4s and there's a map point designated, they will be teled there hosties_teleport_to_designated_areas_for_lr 1 // The minimum amount of Terrorists (dead or alive) required for lr hosties_lr_required_ts 3 // The maximum amount of LRs that can be started at the same time hosties_max_lrs 2 // The max amount of alive T's for people to be able to use !lr hosties_min_players_for_lr 2 // Whether or not to announce when a player can use the !lr command hosties_announce_lr_available 1 // Whether or not the distance of weapons thrown will be shown for guntoss hosties_guntoss_show_distance 1 // Enable/Disable single shot at a time for S4S // This makes sure that players only take one shot until the other player has shot // WARNING: This may temporarily cause lag on your server during S4S if there's a lot of people and your server sucks hosties_enable_s4s_single_shot 1 // Whether or not to use the check won on the chicken fight, it's not perfect hosties_enable_chicken_fight_won 1 // Whether or not knife fight will be stopped when someone shoots hosties_stop_kf_shoot 1 // Whether or not to stop a player from dropping their deagle more than once when they are chosen for GT hosties_stop_double_drop 1 //-----Warning Weapon-----// // The warning weapon that CTs can use to provide warning to T's. Does minimal damage // Make sure to add the weapon you want to unrestricted weapons! hosties_warning_weapon usp // The amount of damage the warning weapon does // If a person does a one shot kill (IE, a headshot with certain weapons) it will kill them hosties_warning_weapon_damage 1 // Enable/Disable players regaining damage taking from warning damage // The time until they regenerate is the cvar value hosties_warning_damage_regenerate 0[/syntax] [size=180][color=blue][b]Download:[/b] [/color] [/size][list][b]:arrow: [url][/url][/b][/list] [size=180][color=blue][b]Installation:[/b][/color][/size][list][b]Extract all files to cstrike/ directory Edit the config ./cstrike/addons/eventscripts/hosties/hosties.cfg to your liking Add es_load hosties to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server[/b][/list]


Extract all files to cstrike/ directory Edit the config file ./cstrike/addons/eventscripts/hosties/hosties.cfg to your liking Add es_load hosties to your autoexec.cfg Restart your server Note: if your server is crashing on startup, try changing es_load hosties to es_delayed 1 es_load hosties (in your autoexec.cfg)

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