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Hostage Skins - Version 2.0.0

posted on 2007-05-05 18:29:19
by [NATO]Hunter


[b][size=20]Hostage Skins Addon[/size][/b] [color=red][b]This ScriptAddon requires Mattie's Eventscripts v2.0.0.247 or higher![/b][/color] [b][size=18]Description:[/size][/b] Assigns random skins to hostages. [b][size=18]Features:[/size][/b] * You can setup unlimited models that will be randomly used. [b][size=18]Requirements:[/size][/b] * Mattie Eventscripts [i]([url=][/url] +)[/i] [b][size=18]Installation:[/size][/b] * Extract the file into your folder and upload the files * Example configurations are stored in the .cfg files inside the hostage_skins folder and can be copied over to [b]server.cfg[/b] * Add this to your [b]autoexec.cfg[/b]: [syntax="es"]es_load hostage_skins[/syntax] * Restart your server [b][size=18]Note:[/size][/b] There are two example configurations, [b]hostage_terrors.cfg[/b] that adds the Terror models as Hostage Skins and [b]hostage_girls.cfg[/b] that adds the Girl models as Hostage Skins. The credit of the Girl skins goes to the original author Korin. [b][size=18]License:[/size][/b] [url=][img][/img][/url] Have Fun :) Greets Hunter

Version Notes For 2.0.0

Updated on: 2008-02-10 11:08:40 EST by [NATO]Hunter (View Zip Contents)
Ported to Python and merged the normal with the girls version.

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