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HideExec: Official Hide N Seek Mod [Orange Box][HNS] ScreenShot

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HideExec: Official Hide N Seek Mod [Orange Box][HNS] - Version 13.5.3

posted on 2010-09-26 04:22:20
by Im the new guy

Requires: Latest version of Eventscripts Autokick disabler - simple addon that allows the use of the es_fire function again. Download here:


[color=purple][size=200][u][b]Please be sure to w00t if you like this mod!![/b][/u][/size][/color] [b][color=#FF0000]You will need to download a simple addon that allows for es_fire to work again. Please navigate to the link below and install this addon after Hide N Seek:[/color][/b] [size=200][color=red][b]What is Hide N Seek?[/b][/color][/size] Hide N Seek is a mod I have been developing for over 3 years now. I was given the mod in its early stages by the original creator; Kevin. The mod is exactly like your old child hood game with a slight twist. Terrorists are known as hiders and Counter-Terrorists are known as seekers. [size=200][color=red][b]How is Hide N Seek played?[/b][/color][/size] It is very simple. Terrorists have the ability to turn into props like chairs, tables, vending machines etc and are given a certain amount of time at the beginning of the round to hide (decided by server owner). Once the game starts, they must survive the round without being caught by keeping on the move and changing their props! Counter-Terrorists play the role of a seeker. They must seek out the hiders and destroy them before the timer reaches 0. There are lots of variables in the configuration files of the mod, but by default seekers take damage every time they use left click (stab or shoot). To make up for this, they receive health every time they hurt/kill a seeker. [size=200][color=red][b]What are the Requirements?[/b][/color][/size] Well, because of the OB update (idiots...) the mod can no longer use es tools for a lot of functions. The benefit of this is not many server owners like to run es tools. The bad thing is I am no longer able to hook duck. Long story short: Latest Version of EventScripts [size=150][color=green][b]NOTE:[/b][/color] The the Anti ducking option on the mod is still not working. Please be patient while I try and find a fix for this.[/size] [size=200][color=blue][b]Recommended Maps[/b][/color][/size] I have developed a fair few maps for this mod. The mod files come standard with the prop lists needed for these maps. The prop list is located in: Cstrike/Addons/Eventscripts/HideExec/. If you want to know how to add your own, post on the forum link to request a tutorial to be made. [LIST] [*] cs_office [*] de_inferno [*] cs_assault [*] cs_militia [*] Hns_newguys_river [*] Hns_newguys_neighbourhood_b1 [*] Hns_NewGuys_New_House_Fix [*] hns_library_fix [*] Hns_private_lodge_fix [*] Hns_shopping_center_fix [*] hns_skyscraper_office [*] Hns_NewGuy_house_final [*] Hns_call_center_office_final [*] Hns_shops_General_final [*] Hns_mcdonalds_HQ_final_fix [/LIST][u][/u] [url=]Click here to Download my maps![/url]


Step One: Extract the files to your server (make sure you overwrite the current cstrike folder). Step Two: Go into Cstrike/Addons/Eventscripts/Hidenseek/ and open up es_hidenseek.txt in notepad. Customize to your liking. Step Three: Go into Cstrike/Addons/Eventscripts/simpleadverts/ and edit the file named adverts.txt like I have. Step Four: Go back into autoexec.cfg and add the line: es_load hidenseek then save. Be sure to download the script that fixes es_fire: before trying to start the mod otherwise it will not work (installation instructions are very simple, and are located on his thread). Done!

Version Notes For 13.5.3

Updated on: 2012-09-18 11:02:22 EST by Im the new guy (View Zip Contents)
19/09/2012 - Removed third-party script requirements for thirdperson. This is now embedded into core hidenseek script. 19/09/2012 - Added option for thirdperson to be enabled on player spawn. 19/09/2012 - Fixed an issue with console being spammed by timer.

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