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Hide N Seek decoys mod ScreenShot

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Hide N Seek decoys mod - Version 1.0

posted on 2012-07-17 07:48:29
by Im the new guy

Requires: It is always recommended to run the latest version of eventscripts!


This mod is an extract from my Hide N Seek release: BE SURE TO READ THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS [b]What the hell does it do?[/b] The idea is to allow Hiders to spawn a "decoy" prop at their crosshair as a trap for the seekers, or to help escape when found. The script changes the default properties of the prop to make it explode when it is damaged/attacked causing anyone in the blast radius (both hiders and seekers alike) to take damage. [b]How does it work?[/b] The player types [i]!decoy[/i] into chat to bring the menu up (decoy being a saycmd meaning that it wont appear in the chat box). As long as the map is supported the player will get a prop list relevant to the map. The props cost $4000 to spawn each, eliminating the chances of spam by one player. Once the player finds a prop her or she likes, they simply have to select that prop after pointing their crosshairs at the desired destination. The prop will spawn! [b]Supported maps[/b] Now my hide N Seek mod builds its prop lists depending on a key word found in a map. Example: it will load props relevant to cs_office if it finds office in the name. Is for that reason that the hns_decoy script follows the same premise. Maps: [LIST] [*]Office [*]Militia [*]Inferno [*]Assault [*]Hq [*]House [/LIST] I will be looking to add more props to this list at some point, but its on the back burner at the moment unless I get some real interest. [u][b] As always, don't forget to w00t if you like this mod![/b][/u]


[b]First[/b] If you do not have an autokick disabler script on your server I recommend installing: It enables es_fire functions to work which is crucial for this and a lot of other mods to work. [b]Second[/b] Simply extract the zip to addons/eventscripts/ type es_load popup into autoexec.cfg type es_load hns_decoy in autoexec.cfg restart server or type es_load hns_decoy into console to enable.

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2012-07-17 07:48:29 EST by Im the new guy (View Zip Contents)
The mod used to rely on Es_Tools to change the properties inside, but since the orangebox update, and the demise of es_tools, the script had lost those explosive properties and were simply props. I have since found a work around (after minutes of tireless searching!) and have now released it to the public :)

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