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Hide N Seek Source - Version 2.1.0

posted on 2009-07-11 05:18:59
by Absolute

Requires: [list][*][url=]Source Python Extensions[/url] [*][url=]Autokick Disabler[/url] [/list]


This addon will modify the whole game. The Terrorists spawn with one HE grenade, which freezes the Counter-Terrorists for a time, two flashbangs and one smokegrenade (which is a molotovgrenade), also they have a bugged knife which they can't use. The CTs have a knife and have to try to catch the Ts. [b]Be sure to give this a +w00t [/b] If you like HnSource then join this Group: Some maps: [url=]hns_city[/url] [URL=]awp_rooftops_css[/url] Special Thanks to following People: [LIST] [*][b]VoNK^[/b] - for making me this awesome video :) [*][b]Ojii [/b]- For helping me :d [*][b]Kamiqawa [/b]- Finnish Translation [*][b]EMOtipsy.#sKratch[/b] - Norwegian Translation [*][b]MMiaouw [/b]- French Translation and also beta testing :) [*][b]TwistedVoid [/b]- Danish Translation [*][b]Snipe![/b] - Dutch Translation [*][b]Freddukes [/b]- For his fade code :) [/LIST] Following variables can be adjusted to your needs: (the config will be auto created when the script is loaded the first time) [CODE] // ///////// COUNTER-TERRORISTS //////////// // If this is enabled (1) then CTs will get noblock ct_noblock 0 // If this is enabled (1) then the left mouse button of the CTs will be blocked ct_blockslash 0 // ///////// TERRORISTS //////////// // If this is enabled (1) then Ts will get noblock t_noblock 0 // How much Flashbangs the Terrorists get at spawn t_flashbangs 2 // How much Freezegrenades the Terrorists get at spawn t_hegrenade 1 // How much Smokegrenades the Terrorists get at spawn t_smokegrenade 1 // How much Score the Terrorists get if they survive a round t_winscore 2 // If the Terrorists shouldnt get flashed t_noflash 1 // ///////// FREEZE GRENADES //////////// // If the CT's should get frozen when hit by a HE grenade freeze_enable 1 // The radius of the hegrenade [stock settings is 350] freeze_radius 1000 // The damage dealt by the hegrenade [stock settings is 100] (2 means 1 damage, dont ask me why) freeze_damage 2 // If this is enabled (1) freezed players will get invulnerability(useful with smoke grenades enabled) freeze_invulnerable 1 // The duration you are frozen by a hegrenade (0 = disable freeze) freeze_duration 7 // If this is enabled (1) then it will allow players to look freely while frozen freeze_turning 0 // If this is enabled (1) then it will create an effect on hegrenade explosion freeze_effect 1 // If this is enabled (1) then will the grenade be followed by a trail freeze_trail 1 // ///////// SMOKE GRENADES //////////// // If the Smokegrenades should be molotov grenades smoke_enable 1 // The radius in which the smoke grenade deals damage (0 = disable damage) smoke_radius 200 // The damage dealt by the smokegrenade (per second) smoke_damage 2 // How long the fire will burn (in seconds) smoke_duration 10 // ///////// MISC //////////// // The style how start messages should be shown (1 is chat message, 2 is hudhint , 3 is centermessage) messagestyle 2 // after how much rounds without teamswap a teamswap should take place (0 is disabled) forceswap 5 // If this is enabled (1) then the Counter Terrorists will be invulnerable at spawn spawn_invulnerable 1 // If this is enabled (1) then it will remove any weapons dropped remove_idle 0 // How long the black screen for the CTs will last countdown_length 10 // If this is enabled (1) then it will make the players drop all their grenades on death, not only one real_flashnumber 1 [/CODE]


Extract the files into your cstrike folder and then add es_load hns to your autoexec file. Adjust the config to your needs.

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