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HighNoon - Version 2

posted on 2008-09-14 13:48:00
by SuperDave


Changes the brightness of each map based on the time the map started. Can simulate multiple 24-hours cycles in a single day. Requires only ES Options:[syntax="es"]// HighNoon release 2 options // ./addons/eventscripts/highnoon/highnoon.cfg // // Load this addon with: es_load highnoon // To configure language settings for HighNoon please see highnoon_languages.ini // ***** General options ***** // Server time that represents midnight of the first cycle in the format "H:M" where H is 0-23 and M is 0-59 highnoon_midnight "00:00" // Number of day cycles in a 24 hour period highnoon_cycles 8 // Minimum brightness from 0 to 25 inclusive highnoon_brightness_min 1 // Maximum brightness from 0 to 25 inclusive highnoon_brightness_max 25 // ***** Skybox options ***** // Use the following server command to add skyboxes to HighNoon: // highnoon_add -skybox- // Place your highnoon_add commands below from darkest to lightest: // Uncomment the following default options if you wish to use them: // highnoon_add sky_borealis01 // highnoon_add sky_day01_09 // highnoon_add sky_day02_09 // highnoon_add sky_day03_06 // highnoon_add hav // highnoon_add sky_day03_03 // highnoon_add jungle // highnoon_add de_cobble // highnoon_add sky_day01_08 // highnoon_add sky_day01_07 // highnoon_add sky_day01_06 // highnoon_add sky_day03_04 // highnoon_add sky_day03_02 // highnoon_add sky_day03_01 // highnoon_add sky_day03_05 // highnoon_add sky_day01_01 // highnoon_add de_piranesi // highnoon_add italy // highnoon_add sky_day02_07 // highnoon_add sky_day02_06 // highnoon_add office // highnoon_add sky_day01_05 // highnoon_add sky_day02_05 // highnoon_add sky_day01_04 // highnoon_add sky_day02_04 // highnoon_add sky_day02_03 // highnoon_add sky_day02_02 // highnoon_add sky_day02_01 // highnoon_add train // highnoon_add tides // highnoon_add cx // highnoon_add sky_dust // Skyboxes can be removed with the following server command: // highnoon_remove -skybox- // Due to the fact skyboxes can be added and removed above, this command will not be used by most users. // ***** Documentation ***** // The percent of the day cycle that has passed can be set for the next map using the highnoon_override cvar, // such that 0 is midnight, 50 is noon, and 100 is midnight again. // Said variable resets itself to -1 (no change) every map. // Using highnoon_override you can set a static time for certain maps by setting its value in a .cfg file you create // at: ./maps/cfg/<mapname>.cfg // Such that to override the real time to midnight on de_dust you would put the following (uncommented) in: ./maps/cfg/de_dust.cfg // highnoon_override 0 // You can unload HighNoon on specific maps by putting the following (uncommented) in your ./cfg/server.cfg: // es_load highnoon // You can then create a .cfg file for the maps on which you want HighNoon to be unloaded and unload it, // using the cfg format: ./maps/cfg/<mapname>.cfg // Such that to unload HighNoon on the map de_dust you would put the following (uncommented) in ./maps/cfg/de_dust.cfg // es_unload highnoon[/syntax] Please see the forum link below if you have questions, comments, or help with translations!


Install with:[syntax="es"]es_install highnoon[/syntax]Load once for [b]highnoon.cfg[/b] to appear:[syntax="es"]es_load highnoon[/syntax]Configure your options in [b]highnoon.cfg[/b] and then reload the addon.

Version Notes For 2

Updated on: 2009-06-28 20:40:31 EST by SuperDave (View Zip Contents)
- Fixed [b]highnoon_midnight[/b] (thanks NightAngel!) - Updated to allow HighNoon settings to change in map cfg files - Updated to use cmdlib

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