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HideExec: Xmas Addon - Version 1.0

posted on 2012-09-23 11:45:38
by Im the new guy


[color=#008000][size=200][b]Xmas Addon[/b][/size][/color] [color=#FF0000][b]NOTE: The script will fire on the second round (after both teams have players). If you want to test this before hand, you can join CT and slay yourself twice for it to action it.[/b][/color] [color=#0040FF][b]Overview[/b][/color] This mod allows server owners to spawn Christmas cheer around their maps. It selects 1 random CT at the beginning of the round to spawn the props throughout the map (14 props, takes about 5 seconds). This was developed with the [url=]Hide N Seek mod[/url] in mind. The mod allows full customized placement of the props around the map and only requires the co-ordinates and desired prop to be entered into the script to work.


[color=#0040FF][b]Sounds good, how do I use it?[/b][/color] The mod has 4 custom lists created up already for: cs_office, cs_assault, de_inferno and de_dust. It also has 2 more blank slots that can be easily edited. You will need to type getpos into console while in game (doesn't matter if it is on your server or lan server) to get the co-ordinates. Something like this will appear in console: [code]setpos 1769.656250 464.031250 -95.968689;setang 13.512798 102.379852 0.000000[/code] You want to extract the first 3 sets of numbers next to setpos, in this case it is: 1769.656250 464.031250 -95.968689. These represent X Y Z axis's. Navigate to the script and find the block labled [b]block tele_config[/b] and search for the line labeled: [syntax="eventscripts"]if (server_var(eventscripts_currentmap) == server_var(xmas_map_5)) do[/syntax]. Place your co-ordinates in each area. Also add the desired prop (3 to choose from): [syntax="eventscripts"]models_kit/xmas/xmastree_mini.mdl models_kit/xmas/xmas_teddybear.mdl models_kit/xmas/xmastree.mdl[/syntax] [syntax="eventscripts"]es_xset spawn_point_1_x 1769.656250 es_xset spawn_point_1_y 464.031250 es_xset spawn_point_1_z -95.968689 es_xset spawn_point_1_model "models_kit/xmas/xmastree_mini.mdl"[/syntax] repeat the process until all 14 sections have been completed. Finally, you will need to add the map name to the list. Navigate to [code]block load[/code] and find: [syntax="eventscripts"]//Config // Add your own custom maps here. Be sure to seperate them with , es_xset supported_maps "cs_office,de_dust,de_inferno,cs_assault"[/syntax] Add your map into that list, making sure you space it with a , symbole. Example: [syntax="eventscripts"]//Config // Add your own custom maps here. Be sure to seperate them with , es_xset supported_maps "cs_office,de_dust,de_inferno,cs_assault,de_custom_map"[/syntax] And add a new line calling it: [syntax="eventscripts"]es_xset xmas_map_5 de_custom_map[/syntax] DONE! [color=#0040FF][b]To add more than 6 supported maps, add:[/b][/color] [syntax="eventscripts"] if (server_var(eventscripts_currentmap) == server_var(xmas_map_7)) do // be sure to make it a unique number. Will match where you set: es_xset xmas_map_7 insert_map_name_here { es_xset spawn_point_1_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_1_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_1_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_1_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_2_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_2_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_2_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_2_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_3_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_3_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_3_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_3_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_4_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_4_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_4_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_4_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_5_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_5_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_5_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_5_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_6_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_6_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_6_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_6_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_7_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_7_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_7_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_7_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_8_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_8_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_8_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_8_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_9_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_9_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_9_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_9_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_10_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_10_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_10_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_10_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_11_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_11_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_11_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_11_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_12_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_12_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_12_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_12_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_13_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_13_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_13_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_13_model "0" es_xset spawn_point_14_x 0 es_xset spawn_point_14_y 0 es_xset spawn_point_14_z 0 es_xset spawn_point_14_model "0" }[/syntax] Add a new line in block load with the rest:[syntax="eventscripts"] es_xset xmas_map_7 <insert_map_name_here>[/syntax] Be sure to add the map to [syntax="eventscripts"]es_xset supported_maps "cs_office,de_dust,de_inferno,cs_assault"[/syntax]. DONE!

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2012-09-23 11:45:38 EST by Im the new guy
Currently has 2 blank maps to customize. You can remove the maps I have pre-done and add your own, or follow the guide to add more than 6 maps.

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