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Hax Tools - Version 1.5

posted on 2007-12-07 21:21:41
by GODJonez


[color=red]WARNING! This script can manipulate and stop other Python modules. DO NOT install it on a public server, use only on private server to debug scripts![/color] This is not as severe as System Tools plugin but should still not be even installed on a public server. A word of relief: If you mess up with this script, restarting the server will return everything back to normal, this script itself does not cause any permanent effects. However, when used in certain way, it may block vital operations of other scripts and data loss may occur. Now that you have been warned, let's get into business. This version creates console commands that can be used on the server console: [list] [*][b]i_script[/b] basename [list][*]Start inspecting named script addon[/list] [*][b]i_lib[/b] module [list][*]Start inspecting named Python module/library[/list] [*][b]i_stop[/b] name [list][*]Stops inspecting and hooking named module or script[/list] [*][b]i_reload[/b] name [list][*]Reloads named module or script in Python level. [*]Is not the same as es_reload![/list] [*][b]i_hook[/b] module.[class.]method [list][*]Blocks selected method. [*]The module must be in inspect mode (i_lib or i_script) for this to work.[/list] [*][b]i_info[/b] module [level] [list][*]Shows you all the names inside the module and their contents if appropriate. [*]The display level defaults to 1 (2 if module is a script addon), it specifies how deep inside the module the info should be shown [*]Private names, starting with "__", will not be shown[/list] [*][b]i_help[/b] name [list][*]Displays Python help documentation of the named object (can be module, function, class, etc.)[/list] [/list] When a script or module is in inspect mode (used i_lib or i_script), any method call done in that module will be printed to server console along with all paramteres passed to it. When a method is blocked with i_hook, it cannot be called at all, Hax Tools will block any call done to that method until you use i_stop on the module in which the blocked method was. And so that you do not get wrong idea, this is ONLY for Python scripts and modules. If you wish to debug ES Classic addons, use eventscripts_scripttrace variable instead.


Download the file above, extract to your game directory (e.g. cstrike) retaining the folder structure from the ZIP file. Load with console command [b]es_load haxtools[/b].

Version Notes For 1.5

Updated on: 2008-04-24 13:19:57 EST by GODJonez (View Zip Contents)
Fixed error messages of i_help

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