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HailMary - Version 1.5P

posted on 2007-03-14 23:16:24
by *XYZ*SaYnt


[This package includes both an eventscripts classic and eventscripts python version of this script] This script will give the CT's the option to cut or pull wires to defuse the bomb. Of course, they can also choose to not cut/pull wires, and just continue on with the regular defuse action. The bomb has four wires: blue, yellow, red, and green. If the CT has a defusal kit, he can choose to cut one of the wires. 1 in 4 chance; choose the right wire, instant defusal. Choose wrongly, and the bomb detonates. If the CT does not have a defusal kit, his only option is to pull (rather than cut) one of the wires. Even if he chooses the right wire, there is still a 50% chance the bomb will blow due to the crudeness of the defusal. So, 1 in 8 chance. [version 1.2 adds the ability to make these odds configurable] The terrorists have the option of setting which wire is the one connected to the detonator, too, if they want. If they don't, then the detonator wire is just a random one of the four wires. The entire purpose of this is to give the CT's a "hail mary" option if there is not enough time to defuse the bomb, or if you are getting shot at (yank a wire before you die!). [b]Acknowledgements:[/b] Special Thanks to 7355608, who posted how to make the bomb detonate and defuse here: 7355608 has his own wire-cut-defusal script, so check it out too. I did this mainly to learn eventscripts, and to put my own twist on it. I also don't want to take credit for the original idea, either, which comes from


Unzip the file in your cstrike directory, and everything will be placed correctly. Then, in your autoexec.cfg, add the following line: es_load hailmary [b]Configuration:[/b] Any variable in the "config" block of the script can be changed to your liking. What each variable does is documented in the script with the variable.

Version Notes For 1.5P

Updated on: 2008-05-20 01:35:39 EST by *XYZ*SaYnt (View Zip Contents)
Rewrote the script in python.

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