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Hacker fun - Version 0.1

posted on 2009-02-17 09:57:52
by carbon-14


[b]Hacker fun[/b] Hacker fun gives your admin the command !hacker. This command allows them to do these things on hackers: [b]-[/b] Redirect = Send the hacker to another IP [b]-[/b] Open = Open a web site on the clients machine, in their actual BROWSER (Not the MOTD window) [b]-[/b] Store = Annoy the hacker and open the steam store [b]-[/b] Join = Make the hacker join a group (If they are logged into steam community) Eg: !hacker MrHacker redirect Or: !hacker MrHacker open ''


To install: Extract as normal and edit the admins.txt ONLY GIVE THIS TO ADMINS YOU TRUST 100%

Version Notes For 0.1

Updated on: 2009-02-17 09:57:52 EST by carbon-14 (View Zip Contents)
0.1 -First release - untested

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