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GunGame5 - Version 5.0.586

posted on 2008-11-12 22:47:14
Led by XE_ManUp
Collaborators: RideGuy Warren

Tags: css GunGame


[size=150][color=#FF0000][b]Note: This addon is no longer in active development due to the release of [url=]GunGame5.1[/url]. We strongly advise you to use [url=]GunGame5.1[/url] instead. It is currently backed by developers, and a great improvement over GunGame5.0.[/b][/color][/size] GunGame5 is a complete re-write of the leveling mod GunGame for Counter-Strike: Source written in Python taking full advantage of Mattie's EventScripts 2.0. GunGame5 not only boasts extensive speed improvements, but mind-blowing customization opportunities!


[list] [*] Extract the zip file to your game mod's directory [*] Edit the configs as you see fit (located in "cfg/gungame5") [*] Install ES_Tools or GunGame Utils if you plan on using respawning for gg_elimination or gg_deathmatch [*] Add "es_load gungame" (without quotes) to your cfg/autoexec.cfg [*] Restart your server and enjoy [/list]

Version Notes For 5.0.586

Updated on: 2010-06-21 10:12:04 EST by XE_ManUp (View Zip Contents)
Updated zip for es_install-ability.

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