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World of Goo - Version 1.00 beta

posted on 2011-12-18 04:07:36
by sega74rus

Requires: [LIST] [*][url=]popuplib2[/url] [*][url=]sm2es_keyPress[/url] [*][url=]srcds tools[/url] [*] map goo.bsp (inside) [/LIST]

Tags: css fun goo


[b]Curent version windows only map only goo.bsp[/b] Build a tower of goo –°ontrol: LeftButtonMouse(Attack) - create goo RightButtonMouse(Attack2) - delete goo E (use) - push goo space(jump) - jetpack ctrl (duck) - stop move ps.If you hear a clicking write in console [code]cl_hudhint_sound 0[/code] [i]music belongs to the world of goo[/i]


[LIST=1] [*]install [url=]popuplib2[/url] [*]install [url=]sm2es_keyPress[/url] [*]install [url=]srcds tools[/url] [*] unzip the "cstrike" [*]add \cstrike\cfg\autoexec.cfg [code]es_load goo[/code] [*]edit map cycle, that would have always been a map of goo [*]restart server [/LIST]

Version Notes For 1.00 beta

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