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GOLD - Version 2.5

posted on 2010-01-27 01:33:58

Requires: [list][*][url=]ES_Tools version .420</a> <div style="color:red;"><b>WARNING:</b> Does not support latest Source versions.</div><a>[/url] [/list]


Players receive gold for kills that can be spent on items in the goldshop say goldshop to open the goldshop menu you will unlock new items and categories in the goldshop as you progress ************************************ Requires: eventscripts 2.0 es_tools 4.20 ************************************ Commands: gold - tells player how much gold the have goldshop - opens the goldshop menu goldadmin - opens the goldadmin menu for goldadmins ************************************ goldadmin ************************************ to manually create a goldadmin open gold/goldadmin/es_goldadmin_db.txt paste the admins STEAM_ID over mine replace my name with the admins name edit flags ************************************ [syntax="es"] "STEAM_0:1:15945857" { "name" "HOLLIDAY" "GoldIsAdmin" "1" "goldadmin" "1" "Give_Gold" "1" "Take_Gold" "1" "gold_settings" "1" "Gold_Items" "1" "Gold_Admins" "1" } [/syntax] ************************************ goldshop ************************************ es_goldshop_cat_db.txt ************************************ creates the categories in goldshop add as many categories as you want ************************************ [syntax="es"] "1" //goldshop category number (keep these in order) { "name" "Enhancements" //the name of the goldshop category "kills_required" "0" //the number of kills required for a player to unlock this category } [/syntax] ************************************ es_goldshop_db.txt ************************************ creates the goldshop items add as manu as you want ************************************ [syntax="es"] "Boots of Speed" // name of the goldshop item { "name" "Boots of Speed" //name of the gold shop item "description" "Gain Speed (stacks)" //description of goldshop item "cost" "200" //amount of gold the item cost "category" "1" //the goldshop category of the item "max_amount" "3" //the amount of times a player can buy the item per life (resets on player_death) "required" "0" //the amount of kills required for a a player to unlock this item "block" "speed" //the name of the block that activates this item (located in gold/goldblocks/es_goldblocks.txt) } [/syntax] ************************************ goldblocks ************************************ each goldshop item has a field called "block" the value specified in the filed "block" is a block located in gold/goldblocks/es_goldblocks.txt this block will be activated when a player selects the item ************************************ Example: "block" "100hp" in es_goldblocks.txt you will find ************************************ [syntax="es"] block 100hp { es est_healthadd server_var(_popup_userid) 100 } [/syntax] ************************************ this is the code that activates when a player selects the item from goldshop for items that take effect in an event (damaging items,respawn ect..) there will be two blocks for the item in goldblocks.txt one that is the titled the same as the value in the fieled "block" (takes effect the second the item is selected) and one that is titled blockname-a (activates in the event the item takes effect) ************************************ Example: "block" "extra_damage" "description" "causes extra damage to the player that you hit" ************************************ [syntax="es"] block extra_damage { es_keysetvalue golddata server_var(gold_steam) attack extra_damage } block extra_damagea { es est_damage event_var(attacker) event_var(userid) 10 es_tell event_var(attacker) the code in this block has activated } [/syntax] ************************************ for +ability items there will be 3 blocks in es_goldblocks.txt one that is titled the same as the value in the fieled "block" (takes effect the second the item is selected) one that is titled blockname-a (activates when a player presses the +ability key) and one that is titled blockname-b (activates when a player releases the +ability key) ************************************ Example: "block" "ability_example" "description" "activates when a player presses the +ability key" ************************************ [syntax="es"] block ability_example { es_keysetvalue golddata server_var(gold_steam) +ability ability_example es_tell server_var(_popup_userid) bind +ability to activate this item } block ability_examplea { es_tell server_var(gold_use) you have pressed +ability } block ability_exampleb { es_tell server_var(gold_use) you have released +ability } [/syntax] ************************************ gold_config ************************************ gold/es_gold_config_db.txt the settings in gold_settings can be edited from the goldadmin menu ingame ************************************ [syntax="es"] "gold_config" { "gold_settings" { "gold_per_kill" "15" //how much gold a player receives when killing a player "headshot" "5" //how much additional gold a player receives for a headshot "knife" "5" //how much additional gold a player receives for a knife kill } "sound" { "download_custom_sounds" "1" //make users download a custom sound that plays when a player unlocks a new goldshop item "new_item" "HOLLIDAY/gold/promoted.wav" //a cool sound i found taken from the NES classic RPG game "Dragon Warrior" , used when a player was promoted to the next level } } [/syntax]


Install to cstrike add es_load gold to your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 2.5

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fixed some things

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