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gg_gladiator(1 Vs 1 Knife) - Version 0.94

posted on 2008-11-12 00:11:03
by Don

Tags: css GunGame5


Gladiator is a custom addon written for Gun Game 5 Python. It adds a unique playing experience for all players, whether they are seasoned Gun Game addicts or the newest addition to your Clan. It can be played in either normal or deathmatch modes. Gun Game is played normally until there is at least one combatant on each team that have reached knife level. This is when Gladiator Mode is entered. In Gladiator Mode all players except the first player on each team to reach knife level are pushed to spectator and the two knife level players become Gladiators for their teams. The map is won when one of the players either kills his opponent or either player kills himself by suicide or misfortune. If a player commits suicide or is killed due to misfortune his opponent is given the Map win and a Gladiator Win. Once a player has reached Gladiator Mode status he is given a point. If he wins the Gladiator Mode round he is given a Gladiator Win point. Statistics are kept.


[list] [*]Extract this file to your server [*]Restart your server or reload GunGame [*]Edit the configuration if you desire. It's located in cstrike/cfg/gungame5/custom_addons/gg_gladiator.cfg[/list]

Version Notes For 0.94

Updated on: 2009-06-30 15:00:27 EST by Don (View Zip Contents)
Finally fixed the Leveling disable function.

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