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GG DM Menu - Version 1.23

posted on 2007-08-21 03:27:45
by GoodfellaDeal


This addon is to ease the creation of custom spawnpoints by using a menu interface. Still requires AUTH to use. Type !dm to pull up the menu and the menu will stay up until you hit close. Delete all spawnpoints has been spaced away from the the other options to reduce the risk of accidental pressing. There menu may close when you make a selection but it will come back up one second later. [b]Custom Spawnpoints have been added with the script![/b] The script is accompanied by custom spawns for the following maps: [b] Mapname - # of Spawns[/b] [list][*]gg_fy_snow - 98 [*]gg_fy_funtimes - 127 [*]gg_pyramids_dd - 106 [*]gg_ag_texture_jungle - 112 [*]gg_fy_mini_dust2 - 72 [*]gg_churches_x_final_fixed - 100 [*]gg_aim_forest_alcove - 93 [*]gg_deagle7k - 84 [*]gg_hangemhigh - 124 [*]gg_mario_vs_wario - 73 [*]gg_ka_fallingtrash - 70[/list] [url=][img][/img][/url]

Version Notes For 1.23

Updated on: 2007-08-26 11:40:25 EST by GoodfellaDeal (View Zip Contents)
Typo Fix.

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