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Freeze Tag CSS - Version Release Candidate 1.51

posted on 2008-01-03 02:21:31
by Jeff91



Takes your CSS server and turns it into a game of freeze tag where one player is 'it' and the other players are victims. The 'it' person has a USP, gets one round that will restore itself one second after fired, has to tag all the other players on the opposing team to win. The victims have to get the bomb to explode or rescue all the hostages to win. Bots half work with this release of the pluggin. The work decently for the victims team, they will not unfreeze their allies yet though. And they do not work at all for being 'it'. Installation: This pluggin takes control of the following server_vars: bot_join_team mp_c4timer mp_limitteams mp_autoteambalance You need to either remove, or comment out, these values out of your server.cfg so that way the mod can control them. Else it may not work correctly. ~J3ff

Version Notes For Release Candidate 1.51

Updated on: 2008-01-04 01:25:51 EST by Jeff91
Fixed the bomb_begindefuse small bug! ~J3ff

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