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Extended Radio - Version 1.1

posted on 2008-06-13 13:38:04
by XaM


This script allows you to extend the radio commands Features: - Very good sounds - Easy to configure - Possible to put adverts - Show a message (following the traditional radio commands' message


[list][*]Upload all the files on your FTP following the directory of the archive. [*]Add that in your autoexec.cfg: [syntax="es"]es_load extendedradio[/syntax] [size=18][b]Configuration[/b][/size] [*]Configure that how you want: [quote]////////////////////////////////////// // Config this first part ////////////////////////////////////// block config { // Enable (1) or not (0) the adverts xr_adverts 1 // If xr_adverts 1, choose the number of round between each adverts xr_numbround_adverts 3 } [/quote] [*]To add your own sounds, open the es_xr_soundlist_db.txt file, and do like this for each sounds: [syntax="es"] // Name of the key (it doesn't matter, but choose a clear name) "hi" { // Name of the sound, who will appear in the menu "name" "Hi !" // The message who will be displayed when a sound is playing "msg" "Hi !" // The directory of the sounds // From cstrike/sound/ // Example: My sound is in: cstrike/sound/soundlist/myteam/hello.wav // You will put: soundlist/myteam/hello.wav // DO NOT FORGET THE EXTENSION "directory" "soundlist/extendedradio/hi.wav" }[/syntax][/list] Thank you for using my script If someone knows how to color a message in red or blue, contact me: Thank you

Version Notes For 1.1

Updated on: 2008-06-15 07:39:16 EST by XaM (View Zip Contents)
V.1.1: - Now the player's name in the message is coloured based on his team

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