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exploit - Version 3.1

posted on 2010-01-27 09:13:42
by qwern


[b][color=#FF0000]* INFO! You don't need this plugin for CS:S servers anymore unless you are running an older version of the game [/color][/b] (Don't know if this plugin helps any other mods) [b]This is a script made to protect you server.[/b] [color=#FF0000]Its a mix from exploit_coverup and Miauw Mizx's Anti-Exploits.[/color] [i] Original by: sicman_adrian and he's groove + Meow Mix. Its just a little edit by me. SO NO CREDITS FOR ME! ITS ONLY MADE, BECAUSE I HATE THOSE WHO CAN SCREW UP YOU SERVER! [/i] It basicly block server crashes from known commands and blocks colored names, like this: [URL][/URL] And you can always put more commands into the script! By putting them into: blockexploits.cfg And it will be blocked! [B][U]here are the current commands it blocks in blockexploits.cfg: [/U][/B] rr_reloadresponsesystems sv_soundemitter_flush sv_soundemitter_filecheck sv_findsoundname sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo ma_timeleft nextmap ma_client ma_clientgroup ma_unban ma_showrestrict physics_select physics_debug_entity sv_cheats quit mat_proxy mat_wireframe sv_consistency sv_pure mat_fillrate mat_normals r_screenoverlay mat_fullbright mat_depthbias_normal r_drawstaticprops r_colorstaticprops r_showenvcubemap ent_fire ent_create snd_show snd_visualize r_partition_level r_drawbrushmodels mem_force_flush r_drawmodelstatsoverlay r_shadowwireframe r_visualizetraces r_visualizelighttraces r_drawlights vcollide_wireframe mat_normalmaps mat_luxels r_modelwireframedecal sv_showplayerhitboxes vgui_drawtree host_framerate mat_showlowresimage npc_speakall dumpentityfactories dump_entity_sizes dumpeventqueue dbghist_addline dbghist_dump dump_entity_sizes dump_globals dumpcountedstrings dump_terrain mp_dump_timers mem_dump soundscape_flush groundlist report_touchlinks report_entities physics_report_active scene_flush _restart ai_set_move_height_epsilon ainet_generate_report ainet_generate_report_only cmd exit listmaps listmodels listRecentNPCSpeech ListServerUserMessages ma_favourites ma_map ma_showsounds ma_version memory pcymd_register quti timeleft wc_update_safe_entities [U]** 3.1 version ** New blocked commands updated **[/U] wc_update_entity npc_thinknow


upload this to your eventscripts folder add es_load exploit to your autoexec.cfg

Version Notes For 3.1

Updated on: 2010-02-08 12:19:00 EST by qwern (View Zip Contents)
Its a mix from 2 other exploits scripts. So mixed together its version 3.1 (updated)

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