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Exploit_Coverup - Version 2.1

posted on 2009-03-17 20:16:36
Led by bytethegroove
Collaborators: sicman_adrian


This addon blocks known commands that can crash a server, or take control of the server using a known mani exploit. If any more exploits are found I will update as needed Give it a try, and woot it if you like if an author of other anti crash plugins would like to add this mani support to thiers, please do so, I would much rather run one plugin than 2 :) here are the current commands it blocks (edit the code as u see fit) rr_reloadresponsesystems sv_soundemitter_flush sv_soundemitter_filecheck sv_findsoundname sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo ma_timeleft nextmap ma_client ma_clientgroup sv_cheats quit added in new version (some are attempts to block known cheats (still working on some) mat_proxy mat_wireframe sv_consistency sv_pure mat_fillrate mat_normals r_screenoverlay mat_fullbright mat_depthbias_normal r_drawstaticprops r_colorstaticprops r_showenvcubemap ent_create ent_fire zb_active -by default is not on remove # to turn on for zblock I should note that if u use rcon to add admins and still want to use it, knowing this will allow a exploiter through simply go in the script and remove the lines with ma_client and ma_client group I urge everyone to upgrade to the latest version it inlcudes improvements to the core code for better perfomance, also added a blocklist.cfg that anyone can add commands to now...for easy adding and removing props to sicman_adrian for all the core enhancements in this version


upload this to your eventscripts folder add es_load exploit to your autoexec.cfg enjoy! for ESC download here

Version Notes For 2.1

Updated on: 2010-07-30 23:31:22 EST by sicman_adrian (View Zip Contents)
Updated blocklist Now has log of if there was a attempt to change rcon_password A alert message to Auth player ingame

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