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est_admin - Version 2.4

posted on 2009-10-02 07:42:11



Est Admin Menu A Fun and Useful Admin Menu Est Admin --------- Player Management -Slay Player -Kick Player -Ban Player -Drun Player -Damage Player -Mute Player -Give Player Command -Teleport to Player -Teleport Player -Swap Player to Oposite Team -Force Player to Spectator -Force Player to Play as Spectator -Save Teleport Location --Teleport Player to Saved Location --Delete Saved Location -Play a Sound From a Player Server Settings -Change Map -Server Gravity -Restrict Weapons -Bot Controll --Add Bot --Kick Bot --Kill Bots --Bot Difficulty -Script Manager --Load a Script --Unload a Script --Reload a Script -World Settings --Fog Controller --Sun Color --sv skyname --Light Style Features -Speed Menu -NoClip -Force Field -Portal -Physbeam -WallHack -Helicopter -Buggy Prop Menu -Fun Stuff -Blockage -Boxes/Fences -Furniture -Office -Vehicles/Buildings -Stuff -Trees -Trains -Animated Weapon Abilities -Knife Abilities --Explode --Freeze --Burn -Exploding Shots -Rapid Fire Weapon Menu -Pistols -Smg -Machine/Shotguns -Rifles -Items Clients -New Client -Update Client -Delete Client


Install to cstrike and add the line "es_load est_admin" to your autoexec.cfg to make your self admin, read the "READ ME.txt"

Version Notes For 2.4

Updated on: 2010-06-16 07:46:14 EST by HOLLDIDAY (View Zip Contents)
Added a drivable buggy to the features menu added a Combine Dropship to the animated props menu

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