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EST Replacement for CS:S (est4css) ScreenShot

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EST Replacement for CS:S (est4css) - Version 0.90c

posted on 2010-06-24 23:18:49
by fratacos

Tags: css est


This is an ES_Tools functionality replacement addon for Counter-Strike:Source (OrangeBox). With this addon, you can use the following commands via Console:[code]est_adddownload, est_armor, est_armoradd, est_ban, est_burn, est_cash, est_cashadd, est_cexec, est_closefile, est_countents, est_countlines, est_credits, est_csay, est_curtime, est_cvaraddflag, est_cvardelflag, est_damage, est_deafen, est_deathadd, est_deaths, est_deathset, est_deleteragdolls, est_dissolve, est_dropweapon, est_drug, est_drunk, est_effect, est_endround, est_entphyspush, est_entpushto, est_entteleport, est_extinguish, est_fade, est_fileexists, est_freeze, est_getammo, est_getarmor, est_getchat, est_getclipammo, est_getdeaths, est_getentclassname, est_getentityindex, est_getentname, est_getescort, est_geteventinfo, est_geteyecoord, est_getfb, est_getgravity, est_getgun, est_getguncoord, est_getkills, est_gethe, est_gethealth, est_getindex, est_getip, est_getline, est_getname, est_getnamedoffset, est_getoffset, est_getplayerdistance, est_getplayerlocation, est_getprimary, est_getsecondary, est_getsg, est_getslot, est_getsteam, est_getteam, est_getuserid, est_getviewangle, est_getviewcoord, est_getviewprop, est_getviewplayer, est_getwallbetween, est_getweaponindex, est_give, est_god, est_hasdefuser, est_hashelmet, est_haskevlar, est_health, est_healthadd, est_help, est_hookkey, est_hsay, est_isadmin, est_isalive, est_isalpha, est_isbomber, est_isnumeric, est_isonly, est_jetpack, est_kick, est_killadd, est_kills, est_killset, est_knifeonly, est_lightstyle, est_loadweaponmod, est_loop, est_makeadmin, est_makeentity, est_modplayerweapon, est_modweapon, est_motd_f, est_motd_t, est_motd_w, est_msg, est_muteplayer, est_name, est_near, est_nearcoord, est_noclip, est_openfile, est_physpush, est_play, est_playedict, est_playercount, est_playplayer, est_pushto, est_randplayer, est_regclientcmd, est_regeventblock, est_regsayhook, est_remove, est_removeadmin, est_removeidle, est_removeweapon, est_rescued, est_restrict, est_restrictall, est_rocket, est_rounddecimal, est_setaim, est_setammo, est_setarmor, est_setcash, est_setclipammo, est_setentitycolor, est_setentmodel, est_setentname, est_seteventinfo, est_setgravity, est_sethealth, est_setmodel, est_setoffset, est_setplayercolor, est_setviewangle, est_setviewcoord, est_shake, est_showmenu, est_slay, est_spawn, est_speed, est_stopsound, est_stripplayer, est_strlen, est_strtolower, est_strtoupper, est_team, est_teleport, est_trimdecimal, est_unhookkey, est_unmuteplayer, est_unregclientcmd, est_unregeventblock, est_unregsayhook, est_unrestrict, est_unrestrictall, and est_uptime[/code] or EventScripts Python:[code]import est est.<function name>[/code] [color=#0000FF][size=200][b]Requirements[/b][/size][/color] EventScripts Public Beta v2.1.1.379 (Apr-22-2013) Source-Python-Extensions Revision 149 or higher [color=#0000FF][size=200][b]Notes and Credits[/b][/size][/color] Other functions will be coming soon (in Valve time scale). [color=#CC0000][size=100][b]FAQ:[/b][/size][/color] For more information: Thanks to Ayuto: Many signatures and offsets [url=]within SPE Effects[/url], [url=]getDataDescMap[/url] tricks, and [url=]event pre-hooks[/url]. 753: original est_getviewcoord code and offset up-to-date. blodia: reference code for loadweaponmod. L'In20Cible: various ideas: original codes of [url=]est_burn/extinguish[/url], client_keypress, curtime, damage, [url=]endround[/url], getwallbetween; [url=] fix[/url]; and how to deal with offset, signature, and est_effect! micomico: fantastic est_spawn hack. freddukes: great suggestions, advices, and early implementations. - [url=]EST Commands[/url] author bonbon - [url=]Fake Es_tools[/url] author your-name-here - SPE author Awuh0 - EventScripts Tools author Mattie: est_spawn fix. - EventScripts author


1. Install Source Python Extensions (SPE) plugin 2. Unzip 3. Copy its folders under cstrike/ 4. Add [b]es_load est_init[/b] into your autoexec.cfg 5. Restart your server Additional instruction for SourceMod or Mani Admin Plugin users: 6. Add [b]setinfo est4css_nosayfilter 1[/b]

Version Notes For 0.90c

Updated on: 2014-05-25 02:14:58 EST by fratacos (View Zip Contents)
version 0.90c Fixed: [list] [*]Updated signatures (according to SPE Effect) and removed obsoleted ones [/list] Known Issues: [list][*]est_getwallbetween and some pointer-based functions are broken[/list]

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