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KnifeKing - Version v1.6

posted on 2007-08-10 17:21:10
by randomknifer

Tags: css knife popup


This is a remake of Lobe's KnifeKing (which can be found [url=]Here[/url]. So most credits goto him, and the people who had ideas of adding the features. What Does it do? Whenever the map starts, players have a chance to become the KnifeKing. What is a KnifeKing? A KnifeKing is a person who has either knifed the first person of the map, or knifed the former KnifeKing. What's so special about the KnifeKing? At spawn, the KnifeKing gets a random award for still being current KnifeKing. Also, whenever the KnifeKing knifes another person, he steals all of their money, like on [url=]Mattie's MugMod[/url]. forum -

Version Notes For v1.6

Updated on: 2007-08-16 20:42:32 EST by randomknifer (View Zip Contents)
-v1.6 -fixed MugMod issue (typo)

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