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es_darkness - Version BETA-1B

posted on 2007-09-12 18:53:50
by 3R10N



es_Darkness(BETA)[1B] Requirements: EventScripts 1.5+ Estools(Latest) Info: This is a zombie mod unlike all other zombie mods... Instead of putting you in the normal human huntiong zombie posistion or zombie hunting human posistion. This puts you in a worse situation... There is darkness everywhere no light will really show on the maps only from your flashlights... This is very scary...Very Scary...Because you cant see anything and you are wandering around in the dark... Features: Fog(Optional) Custom Skins Weapon Ammo Sets Health FOV INFECTION (REMEMBER THIS IS A BETA) (SOME FEATURES HAVENT BEEN ADDED YET) [url=]DOWNLOAD MATERIALS[/url]

Version Notes For BETA-1B

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