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anti-cheat - Version 0.7

posted on 2008-05-29 17:42:46
by ssj6goku161


When a players spawn it will check whether the player has sv_cheats on or off. it will also check to see if the player is useing the unconnected exploit. WARNING: This may ban legit players only and only if they are useing the name "0" due to this i have added the ability to turn off or kick only. not 100% sure what games this works on dont see why it would work on them all but i never tested them.

Version Notes For 0.7

Updated on: 2008-05-31 20:15:16 EST by ssj6goku161
0.7- cheat scanner scans at randome times between 5 and 20 seconds from spawn 0.6- added diabler when sv_cheats is turned on 0.5- gave out

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