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EinsHook - Version 2.0

posted on 2010-01-12 16:18:13
by Einlanzers

Tags: css


[size=150][color=brown]EinsHook v2.0[/color][/size] [color=indigo]Requirements[/color]: [color=darkred]Eventscripts 2.0+[/color] [url=]Vecmath (Latest)[/url] [color=indigo]Install[/color]: 1. Put [color=green][/color] into [color=red]cstrike/addons/eventscripts/einshook/[/color] 2. Put this in [color=green]autoexec.cfg[/color] [code]es_load einshook[/code] [color=indigo]Features[/color]: It's a hook-like mod for CS:S. Allows you to reach areas you normally couldn't aswell as let you get out of sticky situations. [color=indigo]Configuration[/color]: 1. Edit variables at the top of the file: [quote][color=orange]hook_color[/color] - Set to "1" for team-specific color. "0" for white for all. [color=orange]hook_speed[/color] - Speed of the hook (Any number between 0 and 2). [color=orange]hook_width[/color] - Width of the hook graphic (Between 0 and 380, 0 = off) [color=orange]hook_stepsize[/color] - How far each push is [color=orange]hook_delay[/color] - How long between each "push"[/quote] Have fun, Einlanzers


Version Notes For 2.0

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