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DownloadPython - Version 1.0.1

posted on 2011-11-23 23:16:15
by Logifl3x


This plugin allows you (the server owner) to be able to make a sound, material or model downloadable without having to know [b]ANY[/b] scripting!


[LIST=1] [*][url=]Download DownloadPython[/url] [*]Extract the addons folder to your cstrike directory [*]Open "[i]cstrike/cfg/autoexec.cfg[/i]" (If you do not have this file then just create it!) [*]Make a new line and add [b]es_xload downloadpy[/b] [*]Either restart your server or change the map for the plugin to load [/LIST]

Version Notes For 1.0.1

Updated on: 2011-11-25 15:17:32 EST by Logifl3x (View Zip Contents)
[LIST] [*]Fixed the path to the cfg file which was crashing on Linux servers [/LIST]

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