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Dominated for CS:S - Version v2.2.0

posted on 2007-11-28 14:51:44
by ashbash1987


[b][u]Dominated for CS:S v2.2.0[/u][/b] [b]Information[/b] This mod brings in the 'dominating' system from TF2 and gives it a little extra twist! Instead of just dominating someone (after 3 kills in a row), you can: [b]Obliterate[/b] someone after 6 kills in a row... [b]Totally pwn[/b] someone after 10 kills in a row... [b]Make someone useless[/b] after 20 kills in a row... In fact, you can customise these to your liking, adding as many stages of domination as you want! And it doesn't stop there! You can also add your own sounds to use on the 'nemesis' and 'revenge' events, as well as a set of 'taunt' sounds! And there's yet more things you can customise! The possibilities are [size=8]nearly[/size] endless :D :D!!


[b]Installation[/b] - Extract contents of *.zip file into your [b]cstrike[/b] directory. - Add [b]es_load dominating[/b] to your autoexec.cfg. - Have fun! :):) [b]Customisation[/b] Below is an extract from the latest dominating script which shows the current variables that can be customised: [syntax="python"]####--Dominating Level Control--#### dom_ranges = { #Set this to a dictionary of levels (as many levels as you want) 3: "dominated", 6: "obliterated", 10: "totally pwned", 20: "made useless" } ####--Dominating Reset Control--#### dom_reset_on_map_change = True #If True, will reset all dominations on a map change dom_reset_on_team_change = True #If True, will reset dominations on a player if they change teams dom_reset_on_disconnect = True #If True, will reset dominations on a player if they disconnect ####--Dominating Popup Control--#### dom_popup_top_value = 5 #Sets the number of entries to show in the best/most dominations popups dom_popup_help_cmd = "!domhelp" #Sets the say command to show the help popup dom_popup_list_ranges_cmd = "!domlevels" #Sets the say command to show the domination levels popup dom_popup_current_cmd = "!currentdom" #Sets the say command to show current dominations popup dom_popup_most_cmd = "!mostdom" #Sets the say command to show most dominations popup dom_popup_best_cmd = "!bestdom" #Sets the say command to show best dominations popup dom_popup_mydoms_cmd = "!mydom" #Sets the say command to show personal dominatons popup (per player basis) ####--Dominating Sound Control--#### dom_use_sounds = False #If True, will use sounds dom_nemesis_sound = "tf2sounds/tf2_nemesis.mp3" #Set this to the sound/music to use when a nemesis is made dom_revenge_sound = "tf2sounds/tf2_revenge.mp3" #Set this to the sound/music to use when a revenge is made dom_taunts = [ #Set this to a list of sounds to use as taunts (as many taunts as you want) "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts1.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts2.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts3.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts4.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts5.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts6.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts7.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts8.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts9.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts10.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts11.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts12.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts13.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts14.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts15.mp3", "tf2sounds/taunts/taunts16.mp3" ] dom_taunt_delay = 1.6 #Set this to the delay that the taunt will play at after the domination/nemesis event. dom_sound_mode = 0 #If 0, will play to all people; If 1, will play to surrounding people; If 2, will play only to players involved in the event. dom_sound_music_volume = 0.9 #Set the volume of the musics (0.0 - 1.0) dom_sound_taunt_volume = 1.0 #Set the volume of the taunts (0.0 - 1.0) dom_sound_attenuation = 0.5 #Sets the attenuation of the taunt sound (0.0 - 1.0) {{This variable is only used when dom_sound_mode is 1}} dom_sound_mute_cmd = "!dommute" #Sets the say command to set sounds to mute (per player basis) dom_sound_unmute_cmd = "!domunmute" #Sets the say command to set sounds to unmute (per player basis) ####--Dominating Visual Control--#### dom_show_centre_locally = False #If True, will only show centre message to players involved in the event.[/syntax] [b]Notes[/b] * For people upgrading from a previous version, you will notice some changes to the configuration. These changes should not really affect you greatly. * You do not have to [un]comment lines in the code anymore. This is controlled with the [b]dom_use_sounds[/b] variable. * For people with one of the versions of the dominating script with the TF2 sounds, you can use this script with those sounds without needing to edit the custom sound variables. You will however need to switch on sounds with the [b]dom_use_sounds[/b] variable.

Version Notes For v2.2.0

Updated on: 2008-10-04 15:47:54 EST by ashbash1987 (View Zip Contents)
v2.2.0 - Added option to emit sound rather than have them play globally or locally. - !domhelp will return a popup describing the various commands on offer. - Details about each domination stage can be called up by saying !domlevels. - Centre-text messages can now either be global or local.

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