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Errant's DominatedPro - Version 0.5

posted on 2007-10-30 18:16:24
by Errant


I was busy coding tonight and got bored - so came up with this cool little idea and rattled it up! It's a 10 minute script but seems to work ok... Any feature requests please add them to the forum topic :) This is a simple emulation of the TF2 nemesis / domination / revenge system. When you kill someone 3 times you become their nemesis - to get 'revenge' they have to kill you! You can only have one nemesis at once. The domination and revenge notes are posted to the chat area (soon to be fixed) It SHOULD work on all source games that support playerlib and have the player_death event. Todo list: - Add langlib support - Add center message support - Colour the text - Provide a little popup with your nemesis / dominated players - Add some sort of auth option (maybe a form of immunity)

Version Notes For 0.5

Updated on: 2007-10-30 18:16:24 EST by Errant
V0.5 Beta release Basic workings (no bugs AFAIK) with limited features

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