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DJO Shutdown - Version V2.0

posted on 2010-06-19 13:41:02
by DaveJonesOnline

Tags: css Shutdown


This simple yet effective script allows you to have your CSS server shutdown at a user-defined time. All clients connected to the server are warned when shutdown is imminent through in-game prompts. Any admins with RCON priveleges can run the "cancelshutdown" command to have the pending shutdown cancelled. Please note that server shutdown is achieved through execution of the RCON "quit" command. In the case of some rented servers, this may serve to simply reboot the server rather than shut it down. This script is perhaps most useful for those running small dedicated servers locally. This is my first venture in to the world of python so please report any problems you experience.


Extract the .zip folder in to your server /cstrike directory. Add [code]es_load djo_shutdown[/code] to your autoexec.cfg. If you don't have an autoexec.cfg simply create one and add the following line to the end of your server.cfg [code]exec autoexec.cfg[/code] There are two options to change within the config definition at the top of the script: 1) shutdown_time - This is the time that warnings will be made visible to clients. Shutdown is imminent. Time MUST take 24hr format e.g, for 10pm [code] shutdown_time = "22:00" [/code] or for midnight [code] shutdown_time = "00:00" [/code] 2) shutdown_interval - This is the amount of time (in minutes) between first client warning and actual server shutdown.

Version Notes For V2.0

Updated on: 2010-06-19 14:35:09 EST by DaveJonesOnline (View Zip Contents)
Features: Automated Shutdown Automated client warnings Admin override via RCON

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