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disco - Version 3.0.1b

posted on 2008-05-07 19:00:24
by bonbon


Admins can make a disco ball anywhere on the map, when they do that there will be a disco ball that appears at specified place, and then it'll spin, and there will be colored fog that changes color every x seconds. There will also be colored lasers randomly spurting out of the ball, and occasionally into the player. admins can type disco "sub command" "args" [args] in console to start, and disc stop in console to stop. available sub commands are[list][*][b]head[/b] - Start disco above your head [*][b]loc[/b] x y z - start disco at given coordinates [*][b]view[/b] - start disco where you're looking [*][b]sound[/b] sound [x] [y] [z] - Start disco with a different sound, and optional coordinates [*][b]time[/b] seconds [x] [y] [z] - Starts disco for a certain time at optional location [*][b]menu[/b] - Shows the disco menu, where there's a save/delete/start disco from saved map locations[/list] config options are [syntax="es"]// Minimum length (In game units) of the lasers disco_length_min 50 // Maximum length (In game units) of the lasers disco_length_max 350 // How many degrees the ball spins on the x axis every 0.1 seconds disco_x_spin 10 // How many degrees the ball spins on the y axis every 0.1 seconds disco_y_spin 10 // How many degrees the ball spins on the z axis every 0.1 seconds disco_z_spin 10 // People who are authorized to use disco // If you add mani_admins in there, anyone with mani admin may use it // If you have group auth set up, anyone with the "disco_admin" access may use disco_admins "STEAM_0:0:11089864,STEAM_0:0:000000,STEAM_0:1:1111111111,mani_admins" // The time (In seconds) between fog color changes disco_fog_change_time 2 // How many units away from the persons screen they see the fog // The larger this value, the less you see it disco_fog_start_unit 150 // How many units away from the player the fog stops disco_fog_end_unit 1000 // Enable/Disable fog, 0 = off, anything else = on disco_enable_fog 1 // Put all sounds you want to play for disco here // Give the exact filepath of the sound after ./cstrike/sound/ // IE, if you want the sound cow.wav that's located under ./cstrike/sound/disco/ as cow.wav, add "disco/cow.wav" to the list of sounds here // All sounds should be located under ./cstrike/sound/ // If you don't want any sounds playing, don't have anything here // The command to add a sound is disco_addsound <sound> [length] // The optional length parameter will play a new sound after [length] seconds // Two examples would be // disco_addsound disco/cow.wav // disco_addsound disco/cow.wav 10 // When using disco head, the amount of game units above your head the disco ball will appear disco_above_head_amount 40 // If you have EST installed, and you want to have disco play on map end, set this to one // It is recommended that you have mp_chattime high, so people can actually see the disco! disco_on_map_end 0 // If you want disco to start on map start, after the first player has joined the server, set this to one disco_on_map_start 0[/syntax] screenshots [img][/img] [img][/img]


extract the contents of into ./cstrike/ edit disco.cfg to your liking.

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