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Darkfreak's sounds - Version 1.3

posted on 2011-01-04 17:15:48
by darkfreak17


i would call this script like a new version of [quote]Cheap Hit Sound[/quote] i just wanted to improve i little the sounds and add some event but in this script i changed the hit sounds from default sounds from [quote]Cheap hit sound[/quote] to new sounds created by me Script features *Plays a sound when the head is hitted *Plays a sound when any other part of the body except head is hitted *Plays "Headshot" sound when it's killed by headshot *Plays an owned sound when it's killed by knife - i've changed the original sounds for the script, now it plays the sounds i've created, sorry for the inconveniences


to add the mod, extract the folders to Cstrike mod ex: Counter-strike source\cstrike add to autoexec.cfg es_load dfsounds or just enter to console es_load dfsounds

Version Notes For 1.3

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