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Aidden's DEATHMATCH SCRIPT - Version 1.0

posted on 2008-04-05 18:09:19
by aidden



Aidden's DEATHMATCH Version 1 Description: basically its like the cssdm addon for sourcemod. has all the same gun selections. it has an admin menu there are settings you can change in the script for the admin menu to work you need mani admin or im not sure if schuubal auth works on other admin mods but if it does, then any of the other admin mods it works with. settings - //guns menu //turn the guns menu on or off //default = 1 adm_gm 1 //deathmatch //turn respawning on or off //default = 1 adm_dm 1 //respawn delay //the delay before a player respawns //default = 0 adm_sd 0 //spawn protection //time in seconds that a player is protected //for after spawning //default = 3 adm_sp 0 //partial no end //stop the winlimit, // roundtime, time limit, // max rounds and frag limit // from ending the round //default = 1 adm_partialnoend 1 //complete no end //stop the round from ending no matter what. //note - if this is turned on it will create //a bot for each team and teleported away so //they cant die. //default = 0 adm_noend 0 //unlimited ammo //after changing this //the script needs to //be reloaded //default = 0 adm_ua 0 //armor on spawn //if set to 1, when a player spawns //they will get a kevlar and helm //default = 1 adm_armor 1 //nades on spawn //should players recieve nades on spawn //default = 0 adm_hegrenade 1 adm_flashbang 1 adm_smokenade 1 //bodys and weapons //set to 1 to remove dead bodys //and weapons //default = 1 adm_removeweps 1 adm_removebodys 1 commands: guns - brings up the guns menu adm_admin - brings up the admin menu, only admins can use this


simply extract the folder to your server directory and in server.cfg/autoexec.cfg add es_load deathmatch

Version Notes For 1.0

Updated on: 2008-10-31 21:50:27 EST by aidden (View Zip Contents)
future version plans - its own admin list so you dont need mani admin or schuubal auth for the admin menu to work. a setting so the deathmatch settings are only loaded on certain maps free for all mode, where its all on all weapon restriction settings

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