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Dead Screen [1.5] - Version v0.1(beta)

posted on 2008-10-14 14:08:19
by kobo1d



This Script checks if CT's or T's won the round and plays random sounds + for both teams a different effect! (shake,matrix,colours,fog) CT's have it blue and T's have it red.. Without external Files !! (no downloads) Only uses ES1.5 and es_tools... Remeber, you only need this script! The sounds and effects are allready inside CSS! Made by request and open for public beta testing ;)


1.) Download the file 2.) Create a folder inside cstrike/addons/eventscripts called 'deadscreen' (without '') 3.) Place the Downloaded file in there 4.) Edit the script at the top part (config) 5.) Open your autoexec.cfg and put this line there 'es_load deadscreen' (without '') 6.) Restart your Server and have phun !! :)

Version Notes For v0.1(beta)

Updated on: 2008-10-14 14:08:19 EST by kobo1d
v0.1(beta) -> Initial Release Checked and tested. It works, but surly can be more extended and features will be added too.. Should be bug-free!!

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