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Custom White List - Version 0.2.2

posted on 2011-05-19 00:06:33
by Derragon


This addon will allow you to set a custom message for the White List kick. Whitelist needs to be disabled for this addon to work (as it uses its own kick method). Editing the playerlist.txt will allow for immediate changes to the in-game whitelist. Planned features: [LIST] [Edit the whitelist in-game.] [/LIST]


Extract to the root directory of your server (playerlist.txt needs to be in the same directory as whitelist.txt,, etc). Edit playerlist.txt and add players in this format: PlayerOne PlayerTwo PlayerThree etc... Player names are CASE SENSITIVE and all capitals are required if they are there. [b]For people using a playerlist.txt stored in a URL:[/b] Edit the playerlist.txt just as you would the regular one in the /minecraftserver/ folder (the root folder). Add the URL to the file (including http:// and .txt) into the actual script. It'll be at the top labelled "USERLIST_URL". The URL must be in the quotes just like the example. Add es_load customwhitelist to the autoexec.txt

Version Notes For 0.2.2

Updated on: 2011-05-19 02:39:38 EST by Derragon (View Zip Contents)
[LIST=1] [*]Added ability to use website-based txt file instead of a local file. May allow people to add/remove people via a ACP on a forum/website. Dunno, just felt like adding it. [*]Fixed userlist not updating on user join. [/LIST]

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