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CTBAN - ESS(Old) - Version 5

posted on 2010-11-20 11:32:50
by ShoTaXx#


I saw many requests for an addon like this. This script is for jail servers for ban freekillers from the CT-Team. I release it because i hate fuuu freekillers! Its free source as long as you stay my ctban_variable and about popup inside. To pop-up the mainmenu write "!ctban" in chat. You can choose between: 1.Ban Player //Open a playerlist with all active players in it 2.Ban Leaver //Show the last player who leave the server and give the abtillity to ban him (for freekill-leaver in example) 3.Ban (Free)Killer //Show the last Counter-Terrorist who killed an Terrorist 4.Unban player //Show a list with all banned players 5.About/HowTo //Show description and explanation of ctban You can also use the saycommands: !ctban <STEAMID> !ctunban <STEAMID> TODO-LIST: Cancelled. Nearly everything is built-in into the new Python version.


copy the addons folder into your cstrike folder of your gameserver(may overwrite old version) and add "es_load ctban" to your autoexec.cfg then type es_load ctban per rcon or restart the server open the ctban.cfg and type your STEAMID in it (seperate with ", " )

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Updated on: 2012-02-13 17:15:15 EST by ShoTaXx#

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