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c-Stats (Free Ranking System) - Version 1.0 Beta

posted on 2008-09-25 00:46:41



[b]cSTATS - Ranking & Statistics System for your Server[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------ Some of you might have tried to get menz.Stats running, unfortionatly the menz.Stats release had alot of unexpected bugs after installation. Thats why I've came up with a new version of it. I started from scratch and made alot of major improvements. [b]Features[/b]: [*]Improved error handling (No console error-spam) [*]"Ranking" Window (See screenshots) [*]"Top10" Window [*]"Next" Window [*]"place" chat. [*]Configuration for stats, points and bot inclusion. I'm keeping this in "beta" state for now, so if you find any bugs, please report it on the forums.


[b]1. Preparing your server[/b] In order to user cStats, your server needs to have a MySQL server installed. You can use wamp ([url][/url]) or xampp ([url][/url]). Download and install a webserver on your computer where the server is being hosted. After the installation is complete, create a database called 'cstrike' by going to: [url]http://localhost/phpmyadmin[/url]. The database name can be configured in the settings, so it's entirely up to you how to name it. This is pretty much all you need to do. If you might experience issues getting your webserver running, there's plenty of guides on the internet that can help you out. [b]2. Configuring the addon[/b] Open the downloaded .zip archive and copy the 'addons' folder to your cstrike folder. This addon also includes a MySQLdb library for Python, so you dont need to have this pre-installed. If you already have it, you can overwrite the files or not. I dont think it really matters much. After you copied the files, go to 'cstrike/addons/eventscripts/cstats' and open '' in a text editor like notepad. The first thing you'll need to do is configure your mysql settings: [syntax="python"] # ==== MySQL Settings ==== # cs_mysql_hostname = '' # Server / Hostname for the mysql server (webserver) cs_mysql_username = 'root' # Username, needed to login on the sql server cs_mysql_password = 'mypassword' # Password, also needed to login on the sql server cs_mysql_database = 'cstrike' # Database - Where you want the data to be stored. [/syntax] If you've installed the webserver (step 1) on the same computer as where the dedicated server is running, change the '' address to 'localhost'. Please note that these settings are VERY IMPORTANT! If you provide the wrong info, the addon won't work. After you've adjusted your MySQL settings, you can adjust the rest of the settings to your needs. Everything you can adjust is commented as clearly as possible. Here's the default configuration: [syntax="python"] # Modify the variables below to your needs... # === General Settings === # cs_include_bots = 1 # Include bots with statistics? # ==== MySQL Settings ==== # cs_mysql_hostname = '' # Server / Hostname for the mysql server (webserver) cs_mysql_username = 'root' # Username, needed to login on the sql server cs_mysql_password = 'qwerty' # Password, also needed to login on the sql server cs_mysql_database = 'cstrike' # Database - Where you want the data to be stored. # ==== Stats Settings ==== # cs_stats_multiplier = 2 # Multiply gained points from a frag (Default:2) cs_stats_maxpoints = 40 # Set a max points (security reason) (Default:30) cs_stats_headshotbonus = 3 # Bonus points for headshots (p = (((pv/pa)*mul)*pw_mod)+hsbonus) cs_stats_teamkill_loss = 5 # Amount of points the attacker loses for a teamkill cs_points_team_t_elim = 5 # Team Points for Eliminating All Terrorists cs_points_team_ct_elim = 5 # Team Points for Eliminating All Counter-Terrorists cs_points_team_bomb_bt = 5 # Team Points for Bombing The Target cs_points_team_bomb_d = 5 # Team Points for Defusing the Bomb cs_points_team_hostage_r= 5 # Team Points for All Hostages Rescued cs_points_team_hostage_k= 2 # Team Points for Hostages Not Rescued cs_points_bomb_planted = 10 # Player points for Planting The Bomb cs_points_bomb_defused = 10 # Player points for Defusing The Bomb cs_points_hostage_resc = 5 # Player points for rescuing a hostage cs_points_hostage_kill = 3 # Player points penalty for killing a hostage # Weapon Bonuses ( Base Points * WeaponBonus ) cs_bonus_weapon_glock = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_usp = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_p228 = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_deagle = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_fiveseven = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_elite = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_m3 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_xm1014 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_tmp = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_mac10 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_mp5navy = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_ump45 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_p90 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_famas = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_galil = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_ak47 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_scout = 2 cs_bonus_weapon_m4a1 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_sg550 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_g3sg1 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_awp = 0.5 cs_bonus_weapon_sg552 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_aug = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_m249 = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_hegrenade = 4 cs_bonus_weapon_flashbang = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_smokegrenade = 1 cs_bonus_weapon_knife = 7 # ==== Language Vars (Objectives) ==== # cs_txt_objective_ct_eliminated = '#Green All Counter-Terrorists Eliminated' cs_txt_objective_t_eliminated = '#Green All Terrorists Eliminated' cs_txt_objective_target_bombed = '#Green Target Bombed' cs_txt_objective_bomb_planted = 'Planting the Bomb' cs_txt_objective_bomb_defused2 = 'Defusing the Bomb' cs_txt_objective_bomb_defused = '#Green Defusing the Bomb' cs_txt_objective_hostage_killed = '#Green Killing a Hostage' cs_txt_objective_hostage_r = '#Green All Hostages Rescued' cs_txt_objective_hostage_nr = '#Green Hostages Not Rescued' cs_txt_objective_hostage_resc = 'Rescuing a Hostage' cs_txt_objective_hostage_kill = 'Killing a Hostage' [/syntax] Once you're done adjusting your settings, open up your server.cfg file and add 'es_load cstats' at the bottom of the file. Run your server and have fun! - If the addon gives an error right after it's being loaded, it'll be unloaded again. Check your MySQL settings and try again. If you find any bugs or want to give feedback, please do so at the forums.

Version Notes For 1.0 Beta

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